The UKCS User guide- your question may have been answered!

Is there a UKCS user guide?
Before you contact anyone about a question, you should read the UKCS user guide to see if your question has been answered already. It offers a comprehensive guide to nearly all the aspects of UKCS as well as being a useful source on how to make the most of UKCS.

Server bans or issues...

I've been banned from one of the UKCS servers- what should I do?
If you have been banned from one of the UKCS servers, and you feel it was unjust or wish to appeal the decision you must contact either the Executive for the game you were playing, or a Senior admin for that game.

Do not post on the forum about a ban that you or a friend has received. Any posts will be removed by the Moderators and the ban length increased.

Who should I contact about a ban?
You should always contact the Executive or a Senior admin for the game type you have been banned in, through the forum's PM system. If you do not have an account you will need to register before you can appeal a ban.

There's something wrong with one of the servers!
If you are receiving a large amount of lag, or you think there is something wrong with one of the servers, please tell an admin immediately. You can find the PM groups for all the relevant admins below (you will need a forum account). You can also get hold of an admin who is online in the game by saying "@ message" where message is what you want to say to an admin, in the chat box.

Any of the admins who are online will do their best to resolve the problem, however there are some issues that cannot be immediately fixed; such as broken game updates. Please follow the links in the previous sections to find admin contact information.
I think I've seen a hacker on the server!
If you see someone who is acting very suspiciously on the server (appearing to see through walls or moving very quickly, for example), please do not accuse them of this on the server- instead, contact an admin either through the steam friends list or using the in game admin message service. To use the service you need to type "@ message", where message is what you want to say, into the server chat box. For example "@ I think that So-and-so is using a wallhack and people are leaving because of it". Admins will do their best to help you, but remember, sometimes people are just very good at the game.
I've made a demo of someone I think is cheating- where should I send it?
If you are certain that someone has been cheating or hacking in some way, please contact with your suspicions. Please also send us a demo of the alleged cheating as we cannot take action against someone without hard evidence. Include all relevant details such as game type, which server the demo was taken on, date/time etc.
I'm not entirely sure what the server rules are- who can I ask?
If you are unsure of what the server rules are for the game you are playing, you can see the server rules by following the links below. If you are unsure about what any of them mean, feel free to ask an admin. Don't forget that the rules that apply to all of the games on UKCS are available in the UKCS user guide, as well as in depth answers about the servers.

Forum bans or issues...

I've been banned from the forum, who should I talk to?
If you have been banned from the forum and you wish to appeal the ban, please use MSN to contact unspecified (Head Moderator) at Please do not create a duplicate account as this will be banned. Any posts about a forum ban will be removed and may reduce your chances of having the ban lifted.
I'm not entirely sure what the forum rules are- who can I ask?
If you are unsure what the forum rules are, you can see them in this post. If you are unsure whether you are allowed to do something or have any questions or queries about the forum rules, please contact a Moderator for assistance. Don't forget that the forum rules as well as information on other aspects of the forum are available in the UKCS user guide.
Who are the Moderators and Senior Moderators?

Someone is breaking the forum rules!
If someone is breaking forum rules, please tell a moderator immediately. If it is a specific post that they are breaking the rules in, you can report the post using the button on the top right of the offending post. You can contact the Senior Moderator team to report issues as well.
There's something wrong with the forums, who should I tell?
If you notice there is something amiss with the forums, be it a problem or broken feature, please tell one of the moderator team as soon as possible. We will try to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

General Enquiries...

I have a general enquiry that doesn't fall into the categories above.
If you have a question that you want to ask that doesn't fall into the categories of server or forum enquiries, you should contact TC (UKCS President), Evil Elmo (UKCS Vice President), or Xerxes (UKCS Vice President). Things such as sponsorship questions or infrastructure questions fall into this category.