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"Once you've played on UKCS, you've found a second home"
Operated from 2003 to 2020

UKCS Sponsors and VIP reserved slot access

Thanks to these fantastic people who have donated towards running the servers in the last month. Your help is really appreciated by me and the other players who enjoy playing here. Each player below received special VIP access to get on and play when ever they want. Well deserved for supporting UKCS.

Player NameForum
BlueSpeedDemon9571Thank YouCSS,CSGO,TFUnknown509/02/18
★iLu★ⓊⓀⒸⓈiluThank YouCSS,DODUnknown301/02/18
★iLu★ⓊⓀⒸⓈiluThank YouCSS,DODUnknown216/12/17
-= badskilz =-badskilzThank YouCSSUnknown109/12/17
★iLu★ⓊⓀⒸⓈiluThank YouCSS,DODUnknown103/11/17
DuKe ™ |UKCS|dukedThank YouCSS,TFUnknown2815/10/17
SolarStonedsolarstonedThank YouCSSUnknown108/10/17
kaos69 Thank YouCSSUnknown511/09/17
kaos69 Thank YouCSSUnknown411/07/17
Satthu-VN Thank YouCSSUnknown119/06/17
Thief Thank YouCSS,CSGOUnknown119/06/17
DuKe ™ |UKCS|dukedThank YouCSS,TFUnknown2711/06/17
FizzerFizzerThank You.. Getting Old and slow, but hey. we will see ;-)TF,CSSUnknown729/05/17
ColtTechnikaThank YouCSS,CSGO,TFUnknown328/04/17
kaos69 Thank YouCSSUnknown323/04/17
KBZiNZ™Jonas|UKCS|UKCS should make a Conan Exiles server ^^CSSUnknown116/04/17
kaos69 Thank YouCSSUnknown211/03/17
Lagerlout |UKCS| ☂deuxmxThank YouCSS,DOD,1.6Unknown406/03/17
NatNatsukeThank YouCSSUnknown528/11/16
BlueSpeedDemon9571Thank You

Congratulations on becoming Lifetime VIP!
BlueSpeedDemon9571Keep up the good work!CSS,CSGO,TFUnknown301/11/16
coreupt Thank YouCSSUnknown126/10/16
Reaver|UKCS|ReaverThank YouCSS,TFUnknown1219/10/16
Gazzy |UKCS|daggsyThank You

Congratulations on becoming Lifetime VIP!
Gazzy |UKCS|daggsyThank YouCSS,CSGOUnknown613/09/16
dave25_uk @I58dmc25_ukThank You

Congratulations on becoming Lifetime VIP!
Gazzy |UKCS|daggsyThank YouCSS,CSGOUnknown510/08/16
BlueSpeedDemon9571Thank YouCSS,CSGO,TFUnknown201/08/16
CobraCobraBeen a while, still the best community out there :-).CSS,TF,CSGO,DOD,1.6Unknown2225/07/16
Ola NordmannlambnutThank YouCSS,TF,CSGO,DODUnknown3019/07/16
Dave25_ukdmc25_ukThank YouCSS,TF,DOD,CSGO,1.6Unknown2015/07/16
Lagerlout |UKCS| ☂deuxmxThank YouCSS,DOD,1.6Unknown312/07/16
٨ήģεỈ |UKCS|AngelThank YouTF,CSGO,CSSUnknown910/07/16
Bitter little pillFraggamuffinThank YouCSSUnknown106/07/16
NatNatsukeThank YouCSSUnknown429/06/16
Gazzy |UKCS|daggsyI really am starting to love you once again -_-CSS,CSGOUnknown428/06/16
Reaver|UKCS|ReaverThank YouCSS,TFUnknown1118/06/16
SnaggleSnaggleThank YouTFUnknown1815/06/16
Ø Thank YouTFUnknown1412/06/16
Jon Targaryen Thank YouTFUnknown108/06/16
LimpopoLimpopoBaby CSS,TFUnknown130/05/16
yoshi Thank You?TFUnknown828/05/16
Emilysdad Cheers guysCSS,TFUnknown928/05/16
KraLKraLThank YouCSS,TF,1.6,DODUnknown1428/05/16
Chris__ Thank YouTF,CSSUnknown123/05/16
ManX BuccaneerManX BuccaneerThank YouTFUnknown1323/05/16
cadexcadexThank YouTF,CSGOUnknown522/05/16
pignix See youTFUnknown722/05/16
GnM | DOTFPsyduckyThank YouTF,CSS,CSGO,DOD,1.6Unknown821/05/16
٨ήģεỈ |UKCS|AngelThank YouTF,CSGO,CSSUnknown819/05/16
Fidget |UKCS|Fidget_meThank YouTF,CSSUnknown1415/05/16
Psyqwix Thank YouTFUnknown513/05/16
cuppers Thank YouTFUnknown413/05/16
Gazzy |UKCS|daggsyThank YouCSS,CSGOUnknown312/05/16
Ζoey Thank YouTF,DODUnknown611/05/16
[] tritao Thank YouTF,DODUnknown108/05/16
Ø Thank YouTFUnknown1307/05/16
Gray Boy Thank YouTF,CSSUnknown506/05/16
Wittgenstein Thank YouTFUnknown206/05/16
Khywiss Thank YouTFUnknown604/05/16
Busta™FlowerS78Thank YouTFUnknown1203/05/16
.†Satan†. Thank YouTFUnknown201/05/16
NatNatsukeThank YouCSSUnknown301/05/16
Snaggle [UK]SnaggleThank YouTFUnknown1730/04/16
Thorken Thank YouTFUnknown126/04/16
heujiheujiThank YouTF,CSS,DODUnknown326/04/16
JESUS DE MARRAKECH Thank YouTF,DODUnknown125/04/16
PhilzyPhilzyThank YouTF,DOD,CSSUnknown1024/04/16
๖ۣۜDual ๖ۣۜCraApocalyptusbonbonTank YouTFUnknown521/04/16
Conduit Thank YouTF,CSSUnknown920/04/16
Nurse JoyNurse JoyGood times!TFUnknown119/04/16
pignix Thank YouTFUnknown614/04/16
yoshi Everything's so green in hereTFUnknown712/04/16
ostranne Thank YouTFUnknown1111/04/16
Morbid Thank YouTF,DODUnknown310/04/16
solSolarhello againTF,CSSUnknown1510/04/16
Kasoi Thank YouTF,CSSUnknown108/04/16
Ø Thank YouTFUnknown1206/04/16
ManX BuccaneerManX BuccaneerThank YouTFUnknown1205/04/16
Emilysdad Iget no better but who cares ! CSS,TFUnknown804/04/16
٨ήģεỈ |UKCS|AngelThank YouTF,CSGO,CSSUnknown704/04/16
NishNishCheers for many years togetherCSS,TF,CSGO,DOD,1.6Unknown504/04/16
Gray Boy Thank YouTF,CSSUnknown403/04/16
Dave25_uk not ADMIN tdmc25_ukThank YouCSS,TF,DOD,CSGO,1.6Unknown1902/04/16
The ChugnutTheChugnutThank YouTF,DOD,CSSUnknown401/04/16
Komlå Thank YouTF,CSSUnknown501/04/16
Fidget |UKCS|Fidget_meSpank YouTF,CSSUnknown1330/03/16
MarlaminMarlaminThank YouTFUnknown1228/03/16
shac Thank YouTFUnknown227/03/16
GodGift[PL] Thank YouTFUnknown127/03/16
Ζoey Thank YouTF,DODUnknown525/03/16
IdleIdleThank YouCSS,TFUnknown625/03/16
Mark #14MarkUKCSThank YouTF,CSGO,CSSUnknown1724/03/16
Psyqwix Thank YouTFUnknown422/03/16
cupcake Thank YouTFUnknown322/03/16
Khywiss Thank YouTFUnknown520/03/16
arc Thank YouTFUnknown1420/03/16
pablohoney Thank YouTFUnknown119/03/16
.†Satan†. Thank YouTFUnknown119/03/16
BustaFlowerS78Thank YouTFUnknown1118/03/16
Cinnamon Whirl Figure it was time I donatedTFUnknown117/03/16
Wittgenstein Thank YouTFUnknown117/03/16
Gazzy |UKCS|daggsyThank YouCSSUnknown211/03/16
yoshi Thank YouTFUnknown609/03/16
JDxJDxThank YouTFUnknown1007/03/16
Ø Thank YouTFUnknown1106/03/16
Snaggle [UK]SnaggleThank YouTFUnknown1606/03/16
๖ۣۜۜDual ๖ۣۜCApocalyptusbonbonTank YouTFUnknown406/03/16
Sol helloTF,CSSUnknown1404/03/16
Bradley WalshSir Bradley WigginsThank YouTF,CSGO,CSSUnknown2103/03/16
LAME SleepysleepycityThank YouTFUnknown902/03/16
:DExpertGrieferOnce more I donate!TFUnknown702/03/16
ostranne Thank YouTFUnknown1027/02/16
pignix Thank YouTFUnknown523/02/16
Conduit Thank YouTF,CSSUnknown823/02/16
٨ήģεỈ |UKCS|AngelThank YouTF,CSGO,CSSUnknown621/02/16
ManX BuccaneerManX BuccaneerThank YouTFUnknown1121/02/16
IdleIdleThank YouCSS,TFUnknown520/02/16
ElliotElliotebThank YouTF,DOD,CSSUnknown118/02/16
cadexcadexThank YouTF,CSGOUnknown415/02/16
Capn`m0nkeynutz |UKCS|Capn-m0nkeynutzA wild TF2 player appears!TF,CSGOUnknown1514/02/16
Boom Ting Thank YouTFUnknown314/02/16
Fidget |UKCS|Fidget_meAs always ty ;-)TF,CSSUnknown1213/02/16
Fibwib Thank YouTFUnknown1213/02/16
Shing Thank YouTFUnknown212/02/16
Dave25_uk |UKCS|dmc25_ukThank YouCSS,TF,DOD,CSGO,1.6Unknown1812/02/16
Ζoey Thank YouTF,DODUnknown411/02/16
[lala] Gazzy [UKCS]daggsyThank YouCSSUnknown110/02/16
Psyqwix Thank YouTFUnknown307/02/16
Ø Thank YouTFUnknown1004/02/16
cupcake bideogamesTFUnknown204/02/16
Khywiss Thank YouTFUnknown403/02/16
eumoria's saxamaphoneeumoriaThank YouTF,DODUnknown130/01/16
BustaFlowerS78Thank YouTFUnknown1030/01/16
NatNatsukeThank YouCSSUnknown230/01/16
Megalomania Thank YouTFUnknown126/01/16
PersicoanaPersicoanaThank YouTFUnknown422/01/16
Peckerwood still crazy after all these yearsCSS,TFUnknown721/01/16
PINE TREEExpertGrieferThank YouTFUnknown617/01/16
IdleIdleThank YouCSS,TFUnknown416/01/16
LAME SleepysleepycityThank YouTFUnknown814/01/16
ostranne Thank YouTFUnknown913/01/16
Boom Ting Thank YouTFUnknown212/01/16
pignix Thank YouTFUnknown410/01/16
The ChugnutTheChugnutThank YouTF,DOD,CSSUnknown309/01/16
๖ۣۜۜDual ๖ۣۜCApocalyptusbonbonTank YouTFUnknown308/01/16
Conduit Thank YouTF,CSSUnknown708/01/16
Tensor ツ!iFbest serverTFUnknown308/01/16
PhilzyPhilzyThank YouTF,DOD,CSSUnknown908/01/16
Moe |UKCS|moe_guaysThank YouCSS,TF,DOD,CSGOUnknown1106/01/16
ManX BuccaneerManX BuccaneerThank YouTFUnknown1006/01/16
Ø Thank YouTFUnknown906/01/16
Snaggle [UK]SnaggleHappy new yearTFUnknown1503/01/16
Morbid Thank YouTF,DODUnknown201/01/16
sol noodle?TF,CSSUnknown1331/12/15
B✠SS Thank YouTFUnknown330/12/15
Khywiss Thank YouTFUnknown329/12/15
Kitten #CatLivesMatter Thank YouTFUnknown129/12/15
٨ήģεỈ |UKCS|AngelThank YouTF,CSGO,CSSUnknown528/12/15
Ho Ho Ho Festive FidgeFidget_meMery Christmas!!!!!!TF,CSSUnknown1122/12/15
Mister Blonde Thank YouTFUnknown1722/12/15
JyltBuckMerry Crimbo!TFUnknown2322/12/15
TheFestiveManTheFaceManThank YouTFUnknown2221/12/15
Psyqwix Thank YouTFUnknown219/12/15
NatNatsukeThank YouCSSUnknown117/12/15
Komlå Thank YouTF,CSSUnknown414/12/15
Capn`sn0wynutz |UKCS|Capn-m0nkeynutzMerry Christmas!TF,CSGOUnknown1413/12/15
DafO pUtisPenser here x]TFUnknown112/12/15
yoshi Du hast mein geld!TFUnknown510/12/15
Sashira Thank YouTFUnknown108/12/15
OdgorOdgorThank YouTFUnknown1408/12/15
cadexcadexThank YouTF,CSGOUnknown307/12/15
butt peaner Thank YouTF,CSSUnknown107/12/15
Ζoey Thank YouTF,DODUnknown307/12/15
Guffrus Thank YouTFUnknown106/12/15
Morbid Thank YouTF,DODUnknown106/12/15
Peckerwood Awesome as ever but please no Xmas maps CSS,TFUnknown605/12/15
PersicoanaPersicoanaThank YouTFUnknown305/12/15
DuKe ™ |UKCS|dukedThank YouCSS,TFUnknown2605/12/15
Ø Thank YouTFUnknown805/12/15
Dave25_uk |UKCS|dmc25_ukThank YouCSS,TF,DOD,CSGO,1.6Unknown1704/12/15
arc Thank YouTFUnknown1303/12/15
MephistParamite96Thank YouTFUnknown103/12/15
Busta™FlowerS78Thank YouTFUnknown901/12/15
selar Thank YouTFUnknown130/11/15
[ZBS] BRITISH ARMY Thank YouTFUnknown1329/11/15
ostranne Thank YouTFUnknown829/11/15
LAME SleepysleepycityThank YouTFUnknown729/11/15
IdleIdleThank YouCSS,TFUnknown329/11/15
cabbage NoodleTF,CSSUnknown1228/11/15
mikedevoThank You

Congratulations on becoming Lifetime VIP!
バン!YF™ ツ!iFThank You i love you all From FranceTFUnknown226/11/15
Nofrog™ Thank You

Congratulations on becoming Lifetime VIP!
pignix Thank YouTFUnknown324/11/15
Conduit Thank YouTF,CSSUnknown624/11/15
٨ήģεỈ |UKCS|AngelThank YouTF,CSGO,CSSUnknown423/11/15
ManX BuccaneerManX BuccaneerThank YouTFUnknown922/11/15
Snaggle [UK]SnaggleThank YouTFUnknown1417/11/15

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Executive pay

They are under paid
No votes
They earn their money so what they get is OK
They are slightly over paid
They are excessively over paid.
Total votes : 25
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Should Trell get Rebby a cat?

yes, he should, it would stop him being a miserable arse
oh definitely, it would stop him being a miserable arse
I think he should, after all, a man can never have too much pussy in his life!
get a dog!
Get and dog AND a cat, best of both worlds!
No votes
no, because I am also a miserable arse, just like Trell!
Total votes : 37
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which name do you prefer!

Skilgannon as it was your original online name and lets face it Olek Skilgannon is badass!
Sunshine as it was a nice fluffy name
I really dont care
Total votes : 48
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Are you interested in Laser tag in the future?

I'm really interested in coming to the next event!
I'm interested, but London is too far away.
I'm interested but the overall cost is too high.
I'm not interested in Laser Tag but other events might be cool to come to.
I'm not interested at all.
No votes
Total votes : 20
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If Steam is having some problems with one of their servers that means a whole load of steamids are not validating correctly. The solution: Fully exit out of your game and STEAM (Close Steam completely). Then find your "Steam" install folder. Inside that is a file called "ClientRegistry.blob", delete it. Restart steam entering username and password. This will perform a small download and reconnect your Steam account to a working Steam validation server and you can play immediately.

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