Pro League Gaming is recruiting

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Pro League Gaming is recruiting

Postby deadude_1 on Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:34 am

Pro League Gaming is a new online clan for casual and competive XBL gamers that enjoy CoD, BF3. We are looking for like minded individuals to join us. We are not focused on the number on our titles, Clan Ops, Challenges or being on the top 100 Clans. We are about gaming for the fun of it as well as the win but we are not looking to achieve goals that will turn the game into a task. We like to push ourselves to our best but we will not rage on others for their game skill and/or KDR. We don’t back down from a match and enjoy the outcome no matter what. We are a fair gaming community, meaning we don’t cheat or boost for stats, and like the challenge of a good match. When registering referrer Alex

What Pro Logic Gaming Offers:

We are a close family and we look more for dedication and loyalty rather than K/D ratios. We love to win but its all about having fun!

- Age Limit: 15+ (Waverable based on maturity)
- Continent: Will take players from all over the world
- Times we play: Someone is usually always on
- Microphone: Yes it is required for you to start your Check in Process
- Stat Requirements: None we want team players
- Preferred Game Mode: Any
- Who to contact: Alex (Username on site)
- Clan Website: http://
- GB/MLG Forming
- Great advancement opportunities
- In Clan Competitions

Any questions please PM or visit the site you can also add my Gamertag: ExsertParasite

If you are looking for an online community without the hassles of the standard clan mentality then come help us grow into a new form of united gamers. We are currently accepting members at
Thanks for taking the time to read!

Pro League Gaming Leadership

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