How to use this forum!

Do you have an item from TF2 you want to trade? After a specific item? If so, you can post details in here to advertise to your fellow community members. NOTE. UKCS accepts no responsibility for any items lost through the use of these forums.
Before posting, please read the rules for this forum. You can also lock your post after your trade has completed; look at the forum rules for how this works. Thanks!

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have read the Official guidelines on trading! We will not allow trades outside of the steam trading system (ie for money/non-steam games/other things) to be advertised here from now on!

How to use this forum!

Postby Xerxes on Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:49 am

What is this all about?

On September the 30th 2010, the much sought after trading option was added to TF2, allowing players to swap their items (hats, weapons and misc items) in game as well as pay for them via Steam. This forum is here to help facilitate UKCS members in swapping these items. You can find out more information about trading or buying items on the official "Mann-conomy" FAQ. Further links related to trading and how to use items are available in this post.

A list of all items currently available is here.

How to use this forum!

Firstly, if you are new- welcome to UKCS! Why not make a post in the New Member Introductions forum so everyone can meet you? :)

Using this forum is simple; create a thread with the correct tag for what you would like to do:

  • WTT- "Want to Trade"; any item you want to swap for something else. For example, "WTT Brigade Helm for Eyelander". This would mean you have a Brigade Helm and are seeking an Eyelander in exchange. This is the most likely tag you will want to use.
  • WTG- "Want to Get"; any item you want to get for something else, but don't know what someone would want in return. For example, "WTG Towering pillar of hats". This would mean you want a Towering pillar of hats but don't know what someone would want to exchange for it. Please post a link to your backpack so people can see what items you have available in WTG exchanges!
  • WTO- "Want to Offer"; any item you want to exchange but do not know what someone else would like for it. For example, "WTO Razorback". This would mean you have a Razorback and would like to trade it for something else.
Prospective traders can then post in the thread you have made and (if applicable) offer items in return or try to arrange a trade. After the trade has been successful you may lock the thread relating to the traded item, if you wish. Just scroll to the bottom of the thread and click "go" next to the option to "Lock thread". This will only work on your own threads and only in this forum.

The official Valve trading guidelines and the UKCS position can be found here.

UKCS does not accept any liability for items lost, trades that fall through or go wrong. Use this forum at your own risk and use your judgement! Anyone found to be abusing this facility will find themselves banned from UKCS.

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