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Level 19 Uncraftable Hat Collector, seeking aid and swaps

PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:23 am
by Snaps
Long story short! I'm crowdsourcing.

I've started to collect UC Hats and am attempting to get a full level 19 collection. If you happen to have any of the UC hats below that are level 19 and would like to help out feel free to add me.

The same goes for any UC level collector out there, if I have any hats that are your level I'd gladly swap 1:1 for another version of the same hat + 1 weapon!


Looking to swap 1:1 (same hat for hat) + 1 weapon for any level 19 version of the following:

Armored Authority (Level 76, Uncraftable)
Backbiter's Billycock (Level 8, Uncraftable)
Baseball Bill's Sports Shine (Level 37, Uncraftable)
Big Elfin Deal (Level 63, Uncraftable)
Bombing Run (Level 31, Uncraftable)
Buccaneer's Bicorne (Level 10, Uncraftable)
Carouser's Capotain (Level 35, Uncraftable, Drab)
Chief Constable (Level 84, Uncraftable)
Connoisseur's Cap (Level 97, Uncraftable)
Copper's Hard Top (Level 74, Uncraftable)
Counterfeit Billycock (Level 10, Uncraftable)
Defiant Spartan (Level 6, Uncraftable)
Desert Marauder (Level 4, Uncraftable)
Dragonborn Helmet (Level 10, Uncraftable)
Detective Noir (Level 88, Uncraftable)
Engineer's Cap (Level 46, Uncraftable)
Fancy Fedora (Level 50, Uncraftable)
Fed-Fightin' Fedora (Level 67, Uncraftable)
Frenchman's Beret (Level 42, Uncraftable)
Gentleman's Ushanka (Level 16, Uncraftable)
Glengarry Bonnet (Level 23, Uncraftable)
Horrific Headsplitter (Level 31, Uncraftable)
Hot Dogger (Level 10, Uncraftable)
Hotrod (Level 26, Uncraftable)
Hottie's Hoodie (Level 54, Uncraftable)
Human Cannonball (Level 31, Uncraftable)
Larrikin Robin (Level 88, Uncraftable)
Liquidator's Lid (Level 20, Uncraftable)
Milkman (Level 64, Uncraftable)
Nanobalaclava (Level 10, Uncraftable)
Noble Amassment of Hats (Level 36, Uncraftable)
Ol' Snaggletooth (Level 81, Uncraftable)
Pencil Pusher (Level 10, Uncraftable)
Respectless Rubber Glove (Level 32, Uncraftable)
Rimmed Raincatcher (Level 13, Uncraftable)
Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative (Level 94, Uncraftable)
Scotch Bonnet (Level 93, Uncraftable)
Shooter's Sola Topi (Level 84, Uncraftable)
Sober Stuntman (Level 4, Uncraftable)
Stout Shako (Level 59, Uncraftable)
Texas Slim's Dome Shine (Level 72, Uncraftable)
Texas Ten Gallon (Level 80, Uncraftable)
That '70s Chapeau (Level 56, Uncraftable)
Tippler's Tricorne (Level 65, Uncraftable)
Virtual Reality Headset (Level 10, Uncraftable)
Void Monk Hair (Level 12, Uncraftable)
Western Wear (Level 38, Uncraftable)
Whoopee Cap (Level 27, Uncraftable)
Your Worst Nightmare (Level 10, Uncraftable)


Those kind enough to help with the collection:

*White Power* Haski - Bonk Helm
\\ - The Grenadier Helm
davOus.ign - Football Helmet
JesusIsKorean - Industrial Festivizer


Thanks again and good luck with your trades!

Add me directly at - steam://friends/add/76561197994321653