Need help to fix lag, etc

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Need help to fix lag, etc

Postby licondam on Sat Apr 13, 2019 9:02 am

Hi guys,

I havent been around for a while (since April last year) thanks to my PC going kaput...and I really couldnt be bothered fixing it!

But after installing Win 7 and re-installing the game, I've lost my autoexec and all the wonderful settings I had in there which helped with the old hit rate. It doesnt help that the game has changed since April thanks to the new update and so any settimgs I had dont seem to work any more anyway!

I've been playing again since Thursday but couldnt hit a donkey with the proverbial banjo, so I need some help! Can anyone give me a clue what I should have in my autoexec to try and fix rates, etc? Basically at the moment everyone is running around really jerky...


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