How about a SCOUTZ/KNIVES game?

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How about a SCOUTZ/KNIVES game?

Postby johnken on Thu Feb 27, 2020 4:39 am

Having been around the servers for some time now (hence the name "ANCIENT Osteom@n|UKCS|" now...LOL)

Been on the westwood map, and I think it would make a good SNIPER (scoutz/knives) map, as it has lots of vantage points, roofs, etc...

Personally, I have had some fun on a TF2 sniper only map game, and i would love to see us do a CSS one!

Also...if anyone is interested, in a dark and dusty corner of my HDU, I found a copy of the CSS map LV426 along with a custom skin for a Colonial Marine and thought anyone interested, PM me and I will send you a copy...

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