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Postby DeanX on Mon Sep 05, 2016 8:38 pm

1/ Game Name: DeanX
2/ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:4858412
3/ Name : Dean
4/ Age: 29

5/ Time of day on server; All times vary; Monday-Thursday 6pm-11pm. Fridays 6pm-2am. Saturday 10am-til late. Sunday 10am-11pm

6/ Server you are on most frequently; Server 1

7/ Your reasons for wishing to become admin: There is occasions especially late on where i feel there isn't enough admin presence and i feel i can fill that void. Also feel like I'm reliable enough to keep up the good work done by the current admins.

8/ Why you think you are a suitable applicant: I have previously been admin for UKCS and i am fully aware of the rules and how to keep things smoothly. When to warn, when to kick and when to ban.

I think I am known by a lot of people and in cases have been relied on to assist and help remove people with my current vote kick status.

Thanks for taking the time to review this.

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