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CSS Server Rules & Ban contact information

Postby jihn on Mon May 04, 2009 3:10 pm

Click to link to this anchor. Server rules:

    Link to this Rule. 1.  Behaviour only meant to shock disturb or upset players is forbidden!
    Link to this Rule. 2.  Racism, prejudice, political or religious comments that are hostile are not welcome.
    Link to this Rule. 3.  Advertising other servers and websites is forbidden.
    Link to this Rule. 4.  Accusing other players of cheating in chat. Report it to admins using @yourmessage in chat. Only admins will be able to view it.
    Link to this Rule. 5.  Spamming/Micspam.
    Link to this Rule. 6.  Sexism.
    Link to this Rule. 7.  Harassing another player, abusing other players.
    Link to this Rule. 8.  Staying too long in Spectator. Its fine if you have to get something to drink, but if you are going to stay in spec for more then a round or two, message an admin about it.
    Link to this Rule. 9.  Roofwalking/Out of bounds map areas. This is where the original map maker has either not intended a portion of the map to be used or by lack of testing, checked the limits of the map. Any area of the map a player can get to with help from others, where there are viewable textures missing, is classed as illegal
    Link to this Rule. 10.  Stats Rigging. This will result in the removal of your stats.
    Link to this Rule. 11.  Impersonating and/or imitating another player or admin.
    Link to this Rule. 12.  Pornographic or other spoof/controversial sprays. Fake CT or T sprays are also illegal, animated or not.
    Link to this Rule. 13.  Speaking in another language than English over microphone. All languages are allowed in text chat.
    Link to this Rule. 14.  Swearing on mic/chat.
    Link to this Rule. 15.  'Nade Spamming and team flashing. You are only allowed to buy 1HE, 2 Flash and 1 Smoke every round. Do not use these in your own spawn area during the buy time.
    Link to this Rule. 16.  Rate hacking.
    Link to this Rule. 17.  High ping/lagging.
    Link to this Rule. 18.  Blank /Abusive or Derogatory names that cause offence. player names must have 2 characters or above.
    Link to this Rule. 19.  Moaning about servers or admins.
    Link to this Rule. 20.  Spawn killing/Team attacking. Killing or Attacking Hostages intentionally
    Link to this Rule. 21.  Talking about drugs.
    Link to this Rule. 22.  Bunny hopping.
    Link to this Rule. 23.  Baiting. Trying to trick players into going on a rant will reward you with a ban.
    Link to this Rule. 24.  Excessive whining about rank. This will result in the removal of your rank command in game.
    Link to this Rule. 25.  Buying illegal weapons such as AWP and auto snipers when not voted on.
    Link to this Rule. 26.  Disrespecting admins or abusing them for doing their job.
    Link to this Rule. 27.  Wasting time : This can be a number of things, including camping or not trying to complete the game challenges, be that as a T(not planting the bomb or stopping CT from rescuing the hostages ) or as CT(failing to attempt a hostage rescue, or defusing a bomb)
    Link to this Rule. 28.  Coming back to play on another account when the main account has a ban in place.
    Link to this Rule. 29.  Intentionally blocking. This will probably award you a quick death or kick.
    Link to this Rule. 30.  Constant rejoining, to reset stats, get more money or WTJ. This can cause lag for other players, so it's considered to be disruption of the server.
    Link to this Rule. 31.  Spamming admin chat. The admins will receive your message, no need to spam it.
    Link to this Rule. 32.  No discussion in open chat about admin messages to you. If you are sent a message by admin, do not discuss in open chat, it will result in a ban. Use the @ messaging system. No discussing bans of any nature on the server, you will be rewarded with a ban yourself.

Illegal scripts and binds

    Link to this Rule. 33.  Bunny hop scripts.
    Link to this Rule. 34.  Auto fire scripts.
    Link to this Rule. 35.  Fast turn scripts.
    Link to this Rule. 36.  Burst fire scripts.


    Link to this Rule. 37.  This should go without having to be said, but no hacking of any nature, that brings an unfair advantage over your peers other than by skill.
    Any number of hacks are out at any point in time, and can include, but is not solely limited to the following:
    Anti recoil
    Auto Aim/ Aim bot
    Wall hacking
    Texture changing of maps
    Texture Changing of models - Bright Skins.
    Anything that is considered as a hack under match conditions.
    For further information on any of these, please contact an admin, who will get the official view point on anything that is considered as cheating.

    Click to link to this anchor. Punishments you may face:

    If a rule is broken after warning, the player will be slayed/burned/kicked/banned. (Admin Discretion)
    If a player keeps breaking the above rules repeatedly and shows no sign of trying to improve his behaviour more lengthy bans will be given. If a player still does not want to show any improvement they will be permanently removed from the servers.

    Click to link to this anchor. Help, I have been banned:

    If a ban has taken place, and you feel that its wrong and would like to make an appeal; Copy the below form and input the required information. If you were banned 21 days or less ago please send it as a PM to any of the CSS Senior Admins listed here. If the ban is older than 21 days, you will need to make an appeal directly to the Exec CSS Admin only.

    If you post about kicks/bans on the forum, you will receive an automatic 48 Hour ban and/or forum privileges removed for a period of time.

      Code: Select all
      I wish to make an appeal against my ban for ?????
      Any other comments you would like to add:

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Re: CSS Server Rules & Ban contact information

Postby Little_Devil on Tue May 11, 2010 10:32 am

Addendum 1 :
Anyone accused of hacking and playing through a proxy server, will have that account banned. No Proof of hacking is needed, since playing through a proxy is not needed and is only done to hide the account holders originating IP. This of course may be a banned player trying to hide or indeed a hacker trying to hide their own IP.
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Re: CSS Server Rules & Ban contact information

Postby Little_Devil on Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:21 pm

Addendum 2 :

Please note, appeals to bans from this point forward, must be made within 21 days of a ban taking place. The appeal must come from the Steam Account holder that has been banned.
Players cannot appeal on behalf of someone else with a different Steam ID.

Failure to do so will mean there is no normal review process and unless the player has exceptional circumstances, the ban will stay in place.
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