Server #2 - Player Map Night (Ideas)

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Server #2 - Player Map Night (Ideas)

Postby Synaphix on Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:54 am


We were testing a few maps last night and decided to run them on server #2 and make a call over to server #1 to see if anyone wanted to join to gauge the feedback on the maps rather than scheduling in a test. We had some positive feedback from a fair few players about the maps which helped us a lot and then I was setting the next map to player requested maps. I had a few players ask if it would be possible to do this more often and had a word with our Exec Admin Elmo to see if it would be okay and got the go ahead.


We will be getting new maps tested per request, run them on server #2 to gather feedback over the next few months and I have decided that during a player request night once a week, if we have a new map to test, we will throw it into the rotation as well after thorough testing our end. If we have the map on our servers we can run it during the player map night.

As for the actual player request map night, I'd like to gather any feedback I can and adjust these over the weeks to best suit a day and time we can get more players interested and able to join. I've posted below some rough ideas on how this will go.

- Set a suitable day and time each week (Will be done by gathering feedback and a poll)
- Compile a list of maps we have for the playerbase to see on the forum to show what we have available
- Throw in maps to test between player voted maps and gather feedback
- Do the same for #4 and get a fun map session once a week going with new maps and removing things people do not like
- Aim to use this feedback for adjusting server #2 to see if we can make it active again


If you have any suggestions on improving this or anything you would like to add then just reply. I'll have a proper thread with a poll to vote on up this weekend once I work a few things out and sorry for my terrible wording as usual! I am half asleep so it might not make sense ;)

I know this will not be everyone's cup of tea, but whilst #2 is empty unless someone gets it going at night, it is worthwhile trying to do something with it and give players the chance to get maps on they love new and old to give back to our amazing community and take a step in the right direction.
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