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UKCS and me.....

Postby clarkjohnken on Fri Mar 13, 2020 10:08 am

i thought an explanation is in order about me and my lack of play on UKCS.

some background, first of all, im in the army, i live away from home, in a barrack block which is arse. until recently i had been in a spacious (-ish) room where i had a phone line with 512k internet and sky tv. i was in bliss, but as with all things in the army, we were given 5 days to move out.

i know reside in a 7ft x 4ft room consisting of a bed, tv and a fridge and no room for anything else... as you can imagine, i kicked up a shit storm, but as usual, i got outranked and told to f**k off......

so, i put in my notice to leave the army and i am now awaiting confirmation to hand in my kit and leave this place of no-internet hell.....

but this is not where the story ends......

for when i do leave the army i may not be at home for longer than a few weeks to a few months depending on how things go.... i will eventually be leaving the UK and moving to Canada for good....
but, i refuse to let this place go, so as soon as is physically possible, i will be back onto the forums, and when able back into the game :)

so, for now, i am stuck here, alone and unloved (awwww) and, which is the biggest problem, severe restrictions on the internet (im actually tapped into an army phone line for this post haha!!)

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