UKCS Clanbox & Attendance Information

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UKCS Clanbox & Attendance Information

Postby Unspecified on Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:41 pm

At the summer iSeries events we book a clanbox for all the UKCS members attending. Clanboxes are just like sitting in the main hall – you have a network connection, power sockets, a seat and a desk. There’s one difference though – Clanboxes are private rooms for members of the same clan/community. On top of that, Clanboxes are fully air conditioned with electronically locked doors. Worried about your equipment going missing whilst you sleep? On top of the excellent security at iSeries events, only players with the correct key for the clanbox you’re in can get near your gear!

Whilst UKCS members often attend other iSeries events and clanboxes may be organised on an ad hoc basis for those, the information in this post relates mainly to the summer events which are attended by a large number of UKCS.

Due to the extra facilities that clanboxes offer, there is a small fee of either £10 (Pattingham/Coalport suites) or £12.50 (all other suites) per person (plus a small paypal fee). This goes straight to Multiplay who are charged additionally for each suite they hire out for the event by Telford International Centre. Details as to which suite we have been assigned, the exact cost and how to pay will be provided to confirmed attendees on an event by event basis.

If you want to join us (and why wouldn't you?!) then you need to follow the steps below once tickets for next summers event are released. There will also be an 'Interest Thread' before the tickets come out for you to say you'd like to be kept informed and notified once the tickets come out.

Booking your clanbox seat

To secure your spot in the UKCS clanbox for the next event, you need to complete the following:

Phase 1
a) You need to purchase a full BYOC ticket from Multiplay Other types of tickets are not valid for being assigned to the clanbox.
b) You need to send the 6 digit ticket ID you get once paid up along with your contact email address to

When you have done this you will be added to the clanbox waiting list and you will be included on internal communication about the event.

Once we have a rough list of attendees we will be able to book the clanbox with Multiplay and confirm the number of seats we can have and the cost of the clanbox (which will vary according to its size).

Phase 2
c) Once the cost is confirmed you will need to send your share via paypal as per this post. Please do not send any money until a further announcement confirming the amount.

People who complete A, B & C will then be confirmed for the clanbox on a first come first served basis. Regretfully we can't hold seats unless all the above steps are completed.


We are happy for (and actively encourage!) people to come and visit us in the clanbox. However we are unable to accommodate people staying in the clanbox for long periods of time without their own BYOC ticket as above. Whilst we really want to see as many of you as possible, we also have to offer the best possible experience to those with full tickets. As the number of us attending the iSeries events increases, it is more and more likely we'll have a similar increase in players wanting to come as spectators also.

We are limited on space within the clanbox and as the entire iSeries event is run by Multiplay, we cannot allocate any more tables or seats than are paid for in our clanbox. This means that there isn't really anywhere for visitors to sit for large amounts of time, and its not fair on the full attendees who have paid for a BYOC ticket and a share of the clanbox cost to have their seats taken up. The layout of the clanboxes are also optimised by Multiplay to get the maximum number of BYOC spaces in as we comfortably can so we can't simply bring extra chairs in even if we were allowed to.

If you are planning to come to the event as a spectator then feel free to speak to Xerxes or Unspecified first to discuss the above if your unsure.

TL;DR: We'd love to see spectators but can't allow you to stay in the Clanbox for the entirety of the event without a BYOC ticket.

Clanbox rules

Other than the general Multiplay rules you agree to when buying your ticket there aren't any specific rules. We just ask you to respect the other people in the clanbox and avoid causing anybody else any problems :)


We will put together the clanbox seating plan once the list of attendees has been largely completed. All attendees are given the opportunity to say who they would/wouldn't like to sit next to before this is done. A post explaining this in more detail will go up nearer the time, but please remember that once the plan is completed there will be little opportunity to move people around, so please provide careful seating preferences when asked.

Cancelling Tickets

Please note the following from Multiplay's FAQ: "Clanboxes are allocated on a first come, first served basis, and once seated in a Clanbox you cannot move seats unless you have found a replacement (this includes if you decide to cancel your ticket)". This is a supplement to their cancellation terms (Point 21 here) which states they won't refund ANY ticket within 30 days of the event. We would also unable to refund your share of the clanbox fee once the whole amount has been paid to Multiplay.

Final Note

Its also worth noting that neither UKCS nor Xerxes/Unspecified can take any responsibility for you, your booking or your possessions at the event. Your booking its between yourself and Multiplay (to whose terms you agree when you book) and we are merely collecting the individual clanbox fees together and sending them on to Multiplay for ease of organisation.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us -


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