So is gabe newell some kind of nerd genius or what?!?!

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So is gabe newell some kind of nerd genius or what?!?!

Postby Meh on Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:37 am

I was just reading all of the list of references the achievements are named after on the tf2 wiki, the heavy has all these puns on communist terms that i never even heard of (of course i am from the most ignorant country on earth), and spy has a bunch related to movies, and the scout has a bunch related to base ball, the list goes on

not to mention the names are rather creative and go well with what you need to get the achievement

they must have some crazy smart people at valve though, i feel like i remember him saying he looks very highly upon employe applicants with a major in literature or something?

He definetly has alot of subtly intellgent things in his games, alot of soviet russian history in city 17 as well.

Another really symbolic thing, when you first walk out of the trainstation in hl2, you see a human made obelisk or tower or something that would have been viewed as great by humans, but it is dwarfed by the citidal looming behind it, the obelisk is now simply being used as a propaganda tower, showing how the combine see us

Really smart stuff....

So how does gabe newell know so much about such a wide range of things and still so good at programming and game design!?!?! does he have a major in history or someething, sorry just have to know.

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Re: So is gabe newell some kind of nerd genius or what?!?!

Postby Nelsaidi on Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:24 pm

Valve isnt a one man team? Gabe doesnt do everything. For a list of who does what, see

Thwere are people hired to do this stuff, also bare in mind TF2 came from TFC (community mod), DOD:S Came from DOD (Community mod) and CSS/1.6 came from CS(Community mod). L4D Was developed by turtle rock studios (I think they actually licensed the source engine rather than a mod) (creators of many of the originial source maps, the cs bot), then merged with valve.

Also, have you ever read a good book, seen a good film/tv series, etc, imo thats much harder to do than a game, look at stuff in books, harry potter for example, how easy is it to come up with something like that, much harder than to come up with a game imo.
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Re: So is gabe newell some kind of nerd genius or what?!?!

Postby Eloise B on Wed May 27, 2020 6:16 am

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