HL²/HL²-Ep1/HL²-Ep2 Cinematic Mod 10.94

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HL²/HL²-Ep1/HL²-Ep2 Cinematic Mod 10.94

Postby Ju3ei on Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:45 am

Want to do this epic trilogy again but getting a bit bored?

This modd is a FREE must to have. It's a Rebuild "fan made". The most OUT STANDING modd I've ever seen so far. Quite as ambicious as Black Mesa.

This fan (named FakeFactory) did an incredible job proposing new HD textures for model, weapons and maps, plus an amazing OST taken for part from "Batman's Dark knight" OST to sustain the action and many other goodies and new effects (i.e shining metal particles on explosions).

As result, Fakefactory provide us quite new games for FREE.

But their are few drawbacks :

- Three HL² are needed (HL²/HL²-Ep1/HL²-Ep2),
- Needs at least a 4Go RAM set and a Windows x64,
- Need a well powered conf,
- The archive weights about 9 Go to download,
- Installation needs 20 Go and take about 1 hour,

and others I might forgot here.

Dispite those points, this modd is a must to have / must to enjoy. Not convinced yet? Have a look at this trailer.

And here is Fakefactory's official web site (not released on steam).

City 17 and it's citizens need you Dr. so let's kick as Combine's ass as possible. :wink:

EDIT : The new Alyx model proposed is based on Jessica ALBA's physic.


HL² Cinematic mod 10.9x quick fix

"This patch fixes missing teleport animation ( in map d1_trainstation_05 ) in FakeFactory Cinematic Mod 10.9x."

There's no automated installation process in this, so follow the instructions in the "read me" file.

You can download it here : http://www.moddb.com/games/half-life-2/ ... mation-fix
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