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CS:GO Admin Recruitment

Postby Synaphix on Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:58 am

WARNING: If you wish to become an Admin, please understand that it requires hard work and disrupts you from playing the game when an issue arises and on UKCS CS:GO you are required to be an impartial admin only - this means no clan membership or affiliation whatsoever. Please consider this when applying.


All sections below must be completed, for anyone to be considered, any information missing will immediately invalidate any application.


1/ Game Name:
2/ Steam ID:
3/ Link to Hlstatsx Profile: (If unsure use this link to find yourself)
4/ Name :
5/ Age:

6/ Time of day on server: (I know this is variable for some, but others will frequent the servers at particular times)

7/ Server you are on most frequently:

8/ Your reasons for wishing to become admin:

9/ Why you think you are a suitable applicant:

Any other comments you would like to make.


Please note that anyone who is not chosen for admin is not overlooked, and suitable candidates will receive VK status dependant on the number of applications.

Anyone who is accepted for a position will have to supply a current Photo and Telephone number, before any admin access is allowed.

Any admins of any UKCS games are expected to put in 30 hours per month minimum to get and hold their positions. The time spent online by admins is tracked.

Steam ID, get this from status in the console window or see here.

This area for Admin application forms only - thank you.
Interested in joining the CSGO Admin Team? Apply here.
Interested in joining the CSGO Map Team? Apply here.
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Re: CS:GO Admin Recruitment

Postby JamesHusted on Wed Dec 23, 2020 2:00 pm

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