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CS:GO #2 Changes

Postby Synaphix on Thu Jun 08, 2017 3:36 pm

Good afternoon,

We have made changes to CS:GO #2 by changing it from Hunger Games to 1v1 Multi Arena. I have done this change so I can work on expanding and rebuilding maps for the Hunger Games mod. The server should be working and a select of maps have been added until I add more over the week.

1v1 Multi Arena

Each map is designed to have 12-16 arena which players can face one another in different arenas before switching to new opponents. We have set a few things in motion as outlined below and will adjust these if required.

  • 128 tickrate 1v1 Multi Arena.
  • Rates have been configured for valves new default rates and maximum rates.
  • 30 seconds per arena match.
  • 20 minutes map timelimit.
  • Preferences menu shows by default upon first connect and be stored once set.
  • Players can use !rank or !stats to show the stop 15 players in the MOTD popup.
  • 19 maps currently in the map pool.
  • Map vote occurs with 3 minutes left, if 55% threshold has not been met, an additional map vote is held.
  • FragRadio integration.

The stats page will be rebuilt in the next week or so and not use the plugin authors work. Additional maps will be added to the server over the next few days and some minor tweaks will be made if needed.
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