UKCS 2 New Map Rotation

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UKCS 2 New Map Rotation

Postby Bl33cH on Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:24 pm

Hey guys,

Can I start by saying that I love UKCS 2 and think it's the best server on the internet. Absolutely fantastic. You guys usually do a brilliant job.

However, the new rotation, I'm sorry to say, absolutely sucks balls. Far too many maps that aren't regulars and that are quite frankly rubbish. After playing Dust 2, Office Extended, Nuke and Havana in a row I don't even have the enthusiasm left to play a good map like Cevo, Night Fever, Parthenon or Pira Legos when it finally comes on. UKCS 2 for me is like the 1.6 server. It's bright, fun, high paced and a bit more of a laugh next to UKCS 1 and usually the maps translate to that. The maps this month just don't... at all... A lot of them are a 20 minute drag. Please sort it out and give us our server back.

Although, a month off could be a good idea I guess...


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Re: UKCS 2 New Map Rotation

Postby MotsMan on Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:37 pm

If you feel there are maps that should be removed, post which maps you think should be removed and why here


There are however reasons to keep maps such as Office and Dust2 which have been discussed in great detail in the maps sub forum


If you really believe strongly that some maps should be removed then i suggest to contact Azzy the Map-Coordinating Manager
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Re: UKCS 2 New Map Rotation

Postby Btodac on Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:56 pm

WTF, most of the maps currently on rotation were removed because they were strongly disliked by many players, do we have to go through all the whining to get them removed again? Whats the point really?
Great servers, good fun players, shame the rotation is full of maps that were removed 1-2 years ago because they were rubbish.

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Re: UKCS 2 New Map Rotation

Postby Gorilla*Criminal on Sun Jun 20, 2010 12:29 pm

Again, map problems should be directed towards Azzy.
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Re: UKCS 2 New Map Rotation

Postby S t e f f |DK| |UKCS| on Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:41 pm

Moved be me - this belongs in the CSS Maps area :wink:
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Re: UKCS 2 New Map Rotation

Postby Azzy on Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:48 am

Thought I would add a comment to let you know I have taken a look :)

Dust2 will not be removed and has always been on the server.
Havana on server #2 on the times I have played it over the years is a really good rush map, normally it plays well.
Office_extended has been changed to office_unlimited as it provides more routes, I got the two mixed up originally :P
Nuke, surprised me the other day as it played really well, there were Ts rushing, arithond was getting down the vent and round the back quick, so interesting to see how this actually plays out.

Server #2 is normally a more ballsy server, in most cases I agree, however we do need to make sure we don't fall into the habbit of saying that server 1 and 2 are always going to be completely different as players who like 1 also play on 2, some who have different game styles to others. If the players rush; these "bad maps" are then "fun" to play. Issue being, the requests are normally quite aggressive to those that do not play to "your" game style which in any normal given situation means they are going to ignore you or bite and argue back. Put the message forward without malice or aggression, people will start to change and when all bar 4 of one team rush those 4 will start to die on their own and move with you, just remember we cannot force players to play a map a certain way.

I will have a look into the rotation and put the message forward; however when we look map ratings if they are not being logged as "awful" or "bad" we cannot see statistical information to force changes, in most cases these maps have a good rating which suggest the overall player base prefer these maps.

If you have any concerns PM me and I will look into them for you :)

PS: I am not aiming any comments directly at any individual player, just using common ground to explain my point.
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