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Postby Bl33cH on Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:05 pm

I love the fun maps server. I play it most Sundays. However, it's of my opinion that it could do with a few maps removed (and possibly some more added) to increase FUN(!) and also numbers staying on the server. The maps that go down best are easily the small simple gimmicky maps. In particular, all glass maps are popular, nade and knife maps also popular (jenga, dodgeball), and the small arena type maps (bloodbowl, 2towers (not sure on their names)) are popular and a few other gimmicky maps (musical rooms, magic labyrinth, platforms, volleyball, the one where you have to shoot the walls). The maps that aren't popular are the stupidly big maze type maps, you know the ones, they look great but have no playability, particularly for people who are new to them and often it's these that tend to kill the server. They all have names like boohhhhh or yeahuhhhh and (even though I love this one and think it's a classic others don't) blaahhhhh. I'd like whoever admins this server to consider removing these maps and possibly add other maps like scoutknives, stonehenge, castle or whatever. Gimmicky simple maps is definitely the way to go I think.

Just my opinion. Don't shoot me.


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