The map vote on 24/7: on UKCS #1?

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The map vote on 24/7: on UKCS #1?

Postby zäpzäp on Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:39 pm

dear ukcs an its players i have been playing a lot at nights an was wishing for keeping the map vote on 24/7 or take the hostage maps out an but bomb maps only on the night i my self like more custom maps then normal maps thats why i play in ukcs but 2 reasons i see why no hostage maps 1. allways one hostage gets stuck an you end up failing for that. 2. someone saves 2 hostages an kill the other 2 hostages an ct win thats why i want more bomb maps at night then hostage maps, simple one objective bomb doh! go plant or defuse or die trying much easy`r to move whit the bomb then whit the hostages an personal i think ukcs server #1 should have more bomb maps then hostage maps period... :D
but thats only my thoughts abaut it so my question is to ukcs can the map vote by on 24/7 to the people to choose
or can it make chances in the night map circle the same maps are starting to taste like wood an pleas everyone is welcome to share they`r thoughts on this topic =)
best wishes to all<3 :cheers:

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Re: The map vote on 24/7: on UKCS #1?

Postby jihn on Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:44 pm

Hey zap

I doubt that mapvote overnight will be introduced again.
If an odd map gets voted on, then suddenly the server looses half of its players. And is unable to recover the players lost due to it being in the middle of the night/early morning.
In turn, just emptying the server completely.

The rotation of the maps in the overnight cycle is not set in stone, but it needs to be maps that retain the interests of the players so they dont leave.
If you bring up some suggestions as to what maps could be introduced in the overnight cycle, i am sure the admin team would consider them. And give you a response back, as to why/why not it would be a viable map.
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