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Feedback on Maps - Reporting Help.

Postby Little_Devil on Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:42 pm

I have had comments from players about people who make comments that, although are meant to be very helpfull, can be confusing to others, since they cannot picture exactly which portion of a map is being talked about.

Tips :

When talking about a map or rather problems with particular areas of a map, it would be helpful if you could provide a snapshot of the map at, or of, the point you are talking about, or even a few snapshots to clarify your point, and give others a frame of reference to discuss.

Failing this, could you try and make your description of the problem as clear as possible, by drawing a mental image for people to folow. Reference your view from either T or CT spawn.
Example could be. Turn left from T spawn to first corner, turn right and there is a problem with the texture just above head level to the right, or ledge to right gives unfair advantage into CT area, because of a texture glitch.

Picture it as if someone is trying to explain to you what they are talking about. :)

Pictures are of course always the best :)

You will also notice that a topic title which is the name of the map is not updated to reflect the current map being used.
Whenever you do make a report/give suggestions, could you try to remember which version of the map you played on, since UKCS does constantly update maps with newer versions, which may only be slightly different.

An example could be de_map_b1 being on one day, an alteration is made to the map, tested by admins, and on the following day be changed to de_map_b2. From the perspective of the thread however, a remark could be made about the b1 version, this could be fixed and the map changed. A different player makes a different comment about b1 a few days later, not realising that in the mean time the map has changed to b2 and some players are commenting on b2 whilst others are still commenting on b1. :)
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