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Re: *feedback* de_pariah UKCS

Postby astro on Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:51 pm

good news on the changes, and the problem with the "room" is that once your in there your cover is very limited as before you could crouch in the doorway and effectively hold it that way, now you have to go into the room and if you go to the right your kind of stuck in that corner behind the small cover and if the t's push out you have nowhere to go so get naded to death pretty quickly or shot. The difference between the 'original' and the new version is that it was easier to rush as ct's onto the bridge and ensure some good bits of fun and death, the hut stops this as if you rush you can't pin the terrorists into the stairwell.

This map was quite t balanced, and the same holds true now. Before the ct's could rush and win and now it has made the map a bit more T biased in my eyes as they have now have easier options to attack the ct's. I feel that whilst the change is small it limits the opportunity the ct's have to even go towards that side of the map. When playing it now cts automatically push outside containers and try to hold the spawn area and corridors. The t's go roof and plant at the same bombsite 99% of the time.

Hopefully you can see what i mean, but i'm sure other regulars can maybe paint a better picture of quite what i'm saying ^^ basically, the hut in my eyes forces the ct's to take an alternative route and thus forces the t's to take the same route everytime, but again this is personal opinion so I'm not sure if I'm the only one that thinks this !
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Re: *feedback* de_pariah UKCS

Postby LurkyUK on Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:05 pm

oh right I thought you meant the Ts naded that room from their spawn, not from the roof. The reason I made that room bigger was because 1 CT would crouch in the doorway and attempt to hold them off like you said, but they blocked the doorway for everyone else. Making it bigger forces them into the room and out of peoples way. They still have that counter to hide behind they just need to go deeper into the room.
Maybe the hut is not the problem. Maybe it's that it opens up more central on the roof then the old exit so I guess the Ts will get up there 1/2 seconds quicker making it harder for the CTs to get and hold it. I'll try roof rushing more next time I play it and look at timings in a bit more detail

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