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Re: cs_cargo_b3

Postby LurkyUK on Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:34 am

I don't like that shooting through the wall either. I don't want another courthouse situation of people blindly shooting a wall so I'll fix that, thanks :)

The problem making it easy to get on the containers T side is that once CTs get the hostages they'll probably want to go back that way and the hostages will fall off the containers as it's quite narrow. The idea was that I never wanted the CTs to go back that way which is why I made boosting the only way to get up there. If I add the ability to jump up there (like pretty much every other way up onto a container in the level) some CTs will do that not knowing that the hostages won't follow them. If I add a ramp the Ts will be able to get up there so quick that I'll have to remove the T spawns next to the hostages, which in turn means they won't be able to push the right warehouse because they'll spawn too far away. As lionheart said you can boost off the cement next to hostages which I find very satisfying as CTs never expect to see a T up there so you can p90 a few :) However, I will play around with that bit and try and find a solution for you.

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Re: cs_cargo_b3

Postby BreeZe on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:28 pm

Your reasoning makes perfect sense to me Lurky, about the hostage rescue route. Wouldnt want a ramp either with that perspective..

But I have to say that taking the hostage area usually means free access/escape trough the warehouse, so it could argueably turn out with the same result, with a T ramp or not :)
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