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Re: Standard maps server

Postby Little_Devil on Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:08 pm

LazyGun wrote:I think you would do well to desist treating your Admins and regulars like naughty School kids and take their concerns seriously. It could be this attitude that has led the server to the situation it is now.

I think you should desist in making stupid assumptions, based on nothing but opinions. It was at the suggestion of admins that this subject be discussed, at a meeting, to determine whether or not it would be a good idea that it be furthered after that point. Coincidentally a member posted the same idea on the forum after it had already been suggested by admins. However what we have here are a number of members making silly assumptions based on nothing but some stray comments which may or may not apply. As I have said and will keep saying, admins will discuss the merits of the proposal, and if they think it worth bringing to the forum at large, then there will be a post made, with various options for people to discuss in an adult way. As far as treating admins like naughty school kids, I think you are being grossly unfair to school kids, many of who show more of an adult attitude than you do.

What people have to realise, and if they don't then I am quite astonished, is that as owner of the servers, TC, makes all the changes to the servers and no one else. Now many proposals get repeated over time, and receive answers, and these answer are not going to change over intervening periods of time, despite the same people asking the same questions repeatedly. When a player is told no we cannot do something, it is not someone being high and mighty it is because the same question has repeatedly been asked and the same answer given.

It was at MrsRapidByte's and her predecessors behest that a lot of the maps were changed on the servers for the maps you are talking about.
The map section is the domain of whoever is in charge of that section, and there are a number of people who know that it is the head of that section which makes the choices. I have appointed many different admins to that task, and left it entirely at their discretion to select maps for the servers, and I am sure MrsRapidByte will verify this.
Another fact you don't know is that I hold off putting maps onto the servers until they have been tested and accepted by players, again MrsRapidByte will be able to verify this.

Admins and players proposals get listened to, when they frame a proposal with a coherent question and some examples, just as Marmot has done on his first post, something that many people do not do, opting for the stamping of feet and acting like naughty school kids, in many instances.
I think anyone would have a hard time with such antics from people who are supposed to be sensible.
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Re: Standard maps server

Postby irishkev666 on Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:20 pm

I'll put up a ukcs V ukcs thing !! because this is a one! players on one are saying put it on server two ! and we on server two are saying put it on server 5 where you get your info dew to players playing there !! STRAIGHT up data ! (againg repeating myself like a drunk why have one kind of players on at one hour and another on in a othere hour ???????? :scratch: :evil:

im not writing again untill someone with a half brain or TC puts in a line 7 years i played this network and i feel your taking the piss with your idea of making a new server on backs of hard core 2 players im ill pissed off !


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Re: Standard maps server

Postby Lionheart on Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:24 pm

this trial wont interfere with the evening players and why are players of #2 so scared of us trialing something that in so way affects there game time. Now if #2 was full all day like #1 is then i could understand why players would be stamping there feet demanding we leave there server alone. Lionheart we have more foreign players who play on ukcs then uk people. It just so happens that most of the uk players play on #2 during the evening and this trial wont affect them at all. At the end of the day what is the point of having a server empty for 15 hrs we might as well shut down #2 from midnight each night then bring it back up at 3pm in the afternoon. Because no one is willing to even look at making #2 more popular during the day they want there evening playtime to themselves and they want #2 empty during the day. Did it occur to anyone that maybe if we trial this idea that some of the players who would play during the day might actually want to play in the evening even when the classic maps arent on.

There may be more foreign players than UK players, but I bet the vast majority are European based / with a similar time zone to the U.K. Any morning trial is unlikely to attract any players because of this simple fact. People rarely play CSS at 9a.m. in the morning.

For the trial to be successful, you would want to test these maps at peak times i.e. evenings. And you can see #2 people are not happy with that, which leaves #5.

Anyway, is the point to:

a) Make #2 more popular
b) Have a vanilla server?

You can't have it both ways :P People have said #2 is dying - What has that got to do with this thread since this is merely a trial for a new server, so I presume you mean that this system would be permanently on #2 - otherwise what would it have to do with #2 at all.

Unless the plan is to trial this in the mornings on #2, then set up a permanent server to run vanilla maps 24/7, although surely this would need a trial in the first place to trial the whole new server permanent idea :scratch: And considering #2 players would be against peak time trialling, would need a trial on #5 anyway, so why not skip to this to start with.

Unless you plan to trial it on #2 in the mornings, and keep it on #2 in the mornings forever, which due to time zone issues will make an already empty server, still empty.
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Re: Standard maps server

Postby Little_Devil on Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:50 pm

No one has said anything about this going on #2 as a permanent fixture :roll:

As I said and keep saying, this is at proposal level, and there are a number of facts to be thrashed out, before we can even think of bringing it to the forums as a full proposal.

We could use Server #2 as a trial, so players could see what it was like, but by the same token we could use servers #4 or #5 so that players could see for themselves,

I really don't see why people are jumping up and down as though it is something that is going ahead and it is going ahead on #2. :shock:

I am locking this at the request from admin and others that feel that the question has been answered and that it is none constructive to discuss any further.
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