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UKCS Community Server 1

Postby Ramlösa on Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:34 pm

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking a lot and also noticed how people changed on the server lately.
Mostly it's because of the map rotation that we got at the moment (not the best).

I remembered when I started playing at server #1 about a year ago. It was always different maps and the admins that were online were always happy and gave us so many maps to choose from. What happend?

I gained a lot of friends on the server but most of them are playing other games now since the map selection is limited. I think it's the same 10-15 maps in rotations all the time. It gets booring after a while I agree. Is there any chance to make a change somehow? I really like it here on the UKCS and it's probably the only reason why I play at all.

Please take your time and at least try to update us. I hope you all guys and girls agree with me on this :/

Yours sincerely,

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Re: UKCS Community Server 1

Postby Synaphix on Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:54 pm

The maps are done on a rotation system as most know and I will just add here that there will be some discussions shortly regarding maps, getting them tested our end then a public test before adding them and adjusting things slightly. I'll update you when I have more information after putting the new plan into action on our end.

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