Food Gardening Anyone ?

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Re: Food Gardening Anyone ?

Postby Little_Devil on Wed May 28, 2014 1:05 am

btw I am not against using weed barrier fabric, and gravel in areas of the garden, but there is a propensity for people to have the complete garden covered in gravel, with some token plants in pots and others that make no pretence of greenery, and have the statues and fairy lights with not even a hint of green, Yuk.

Mind you it goes from one extreme to another where I live, from massive expanses of stone, to lawns that you could fit a number of tennis courts on or a football pitch, which would be more use than the manicured expanse of lawn.

Some people just have no idea of balance :P :D
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Re: Food Gardening Anyone ?

Postby renegade_master on Wed May 28, 2014 12:18 pm

whilst on the topic of gravel; I was talking to a chap at work who spent over £1000 on gravel, the grey slate type gravel, he said the problem was it looked great to start with but after a short time the rain buttered it and it looked terrible, discolored.

The gravel i picked is far cheaper, i got 1.5 tonnes for just £75!! and i got a friend to deliver it in his big van, the stones i got are ones off the beach, which is all natural, when it rains they actually sparkle, to give a much pleasing look and last.

in reflection for me their are pro's and con's for having gravel and if it was to put to a debate i would definitely fold and return to grass lawn instead.

having laid the gravel it reflected a lot of heat making the garden like a furnish, attracting a lot of butterfly's and bees that rest on the gravel to heat up during the summer and they in turn pollinate the flowers. great to watch.

but its horrible for kids to play on and for some reason they love to throw stones! i also liked to sit on the grass and read but now im restrained to a dec-chair constantly twitching as numerous large bee's hoover around me.

the good news is i can always go back to a lawn, as the stones are put over a membrane, which would make them easily disposed off should i wish to revert back to a lawn. for the moment I am happy with the gravel as it reminds of me of the beach, a place a fully plan on retiring too.. the coastline :) ofcourse they're distant dreams lol :ill:
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Re: Food Gardening Anyone ?

Postby NoisyLM on Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:38 am

We don't grow vegetables near our house but we have some fruit trees here. We have apple trees, peach trees, cherry trees. Those trees always give a lot of fruits and my mom likes making jams which are so delicious. The only unpleasant I have to face due to these trees are stink bugs in my garden. They always appear in the garden when trees start to bear fruit. But that's ok, I can put up with it because I like fruits :)

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