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Postby Zepter on Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:53 am

So Im not the best on "adding" people at steam that wants to play a game some times. (mostly they play 1 game 24/7)
So i thought i could make this thread to tell some about what i play and so.

Im playing:
CS-GO (MM & Face-it)
PayDay 2
Worms Revulution

Im always up for a game (for fun or serious) I have: mumble,ts3,skype,ventrilo,raidcall.
And i work as a welder at the 2nd largest manufactor of forest machines (only john deere bigger) and i work between;
05:48 - 14:06 CET "odd" weeks.
13:53 - 23:42 CET "even" weeks.

And if im not at work im playing most of the games above :)

So feel free to add: Xeon93 to play with me!

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