DT Swiss takes revered 1501 Spline One wheelset to the next

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DT Swiss takes revered 1501 Spline One wheelset to the next

Postby upamfva on Fri May 21, 2021 7:49 am

DT Swiss takes revered 1501 Spline One wheelset to the next level with carbon fibre

The new DT Swiss 1501 Spline One wheelsets get a host of updates for 2021, including full carbon-fibre rims with modified characteristics, depending on their intended discipline, and lightweight Competition Race spokes across the range built around the all-new 240 hub, which runs on DT Swiss’s Ratchet EXP system.To get more news about Carbon Wheels, you can visit zpebicycle.com official website.

Widely regarded as one of the best-performing wheelsets around, when we tested the enduro-specific set in 2019 we gave it got four out of five stars, so it comes as a bit of a surprise to see DT Swiss depart from the revered alloy rim construction.

There is logic behind this decision, though. DT Swiss claims carbon fibre makes it easier to build lighter wheels, which, it also claims, should help improve the ride feel of the wheels across disciplines.

It also says it’s managed to maintain the old wheels’ characteristics while shaving off up to 180g per set, although it doesn’t specify which set – XC, all-mountain or enduro – that headline saving is made from.The range’s carbon rims have been built with a specific discipline in mind and vary depending on their niche. The new 1501 wheels are made for cross-country, all-mountain and enduro.

DT claims that because carbon rims are stiffer compared to alloy ones, by using its ultra-light DT Competition Race spokes in the wheel builds it’s managed to tune the wheels to be precise without feeling overly stiff.It also says its new DT Competition Race spokes are “ultra light and super strong”, with a middle section that’s 0.2mm thinner than the old ones, helping to save further weight over the carbon rims.

The new wheels are built around the new DT Swiss 240 hub that uses the Ratchet EXP freehub system. It’s got 36 points of engagement – one every ten degrees – and is claimed to be more durable than ever.

According to DT Swiss, increasing internal rim width to 30mm from 22.5mm – or 25mm, depending on which specific model of the previous 1501 rim the new one is being compared – improves tyre support which means lower pressures can be run and in turn reduce rolling resistance on rough tracks.

In order to further justify the increase in rim width, DT Swiss explains that during cornering, lateral forces cause the tyre to move in the opposite direction of the input force. When cornering with a tyre mounted to a narrow rim, the tyre’s contact patch moves because the tyre is less supported by the narrow rim.

This causes tyre folding or roll and carcass tension, which can pull the bead away from the rim, causing a loss of air (if the tyre is set up tubeless) known as ‘burping’. Harder pressures do help combat tyre roll and subsequent burping, though.

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