Opinion: Wikipedia- and Web- Article Reviews

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Opinion: Wikipedia- and Web- Article Reviews

Postby CraKinShOt on Fri Jan 26, 2007 11:24 pm

Web-Article and Wikipedia-Article Reviews for UKCS

What I am proposing is that a person, at any time, uses the random article feature on wikipedia to find a topic that interests them, or any web article. Upon reading through the topic, and relevant information, they write a small piece detailing why it is interesting and post a new topic in here; the Thinkers Topic forum, or not - it is up to you.

You could also include some information directly from wikipedia to aid the overview, but you should try to make the review your own. the review doesn't need to be long, just why you thought the topic was interesting and what your opinion on the subject is. The overview should detail the subject in an informative and unbiased fashion: Copy and paste from wikipedia if need be; and remember it is good practice to reference if you do quote from wikipedia.

Remember to keep both the review and overview as short as possible and no more than 8 paragraphs in total (review and overview combined). You should have the subject overview first and your personal option/review second

Also I'd suggest you prefix wikipedia-article review threads with 'WIKI:'

Random Wiki Article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random

You can find additional random articles by clicking the "random article" link on the left, on wikipedia. I'd suggest you pick topics that are open to debate and perhaps have an element of controversy, or politics, or philosophy, or science within them.

Also it doesn't need to be a random article, if you know of something interesting on wiki then that is fine. The random part is just there to help you find an interesting article.

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