Anti war demo Jan 3rd - My experience

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Postby woogie on Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:00 pm

Firstly, i'm all in favour of the protests.
However, I also don't think the police did much wrong, and I think you're hyping up some bullshit.
Where was the brutality? Not in any of those videos. So stop talking crap.

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Postby Maddox on Tue Jan 06, 2009 7:13 pm

Yeah she/he was lucky she/he didnt get kicked in the stomach for doing that. Appleman who have been in the police should know that this wasnt police brutality, but on the contrary police leniancy, when thinking about how the officer COULD have handled her/him... :roll:

Other than that, Woogie said it...
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Postby colossuss on Wed Jan 07, 2009 4:26 pm

appleman77 wrote:And there was just no need for them to resort to the intimidatory tactics when for the most part the protest was wholly peaceful. They did not just target the few troublemakers and thats where the problem is.
I'm sorry, but "Intimidatory tactics", by the police? That's a bit of an ironic thing to say. Your standing amongst a huge group and protesting, do you not think that is intimidating? Because it is.
The police were doing what they are paid to do, which is stop the public from getting hurt and to stop public property getting damaged.

appleman77 wrote:I turned my back to the police and tried to stop them stampeding as many old people and women, girls and mothers, with their kids [in buggies or by foot] had been pushed over and were now being trampled by people stamping on top of them to escape.
This isn't the police's fault, or problem to be quite honest. Parents should be more sensible with their children. They shouldn't have taken them with them. Also, there wouldn't have been a problem with the police trying to move people if the people behind where not moving, those were the people causing the problem, not the police. If I was a parent I would never put my child in such a dangerous and stupid position.

appleman77 wrote:Some dude climbed up a building and waved the Palestinian flag - quite a sight. And then that minority few who like to cause a ruckus started lighting stuff. They burnt Israeli flags and stamped on them and then started chucking stuff at the police.

Call me a cynic, but the police did nothing, did not arrest them. And all this took place in front of a set place for the media with all their cameras in one group. I believe like most other people it was a staged event just for the media so that people would think it was a violent protest on behalf of the protestors - when it was not.
Doubtful it was staged to be quite honest, the chances of police catching the EXACT people that were throwing things would be very difficult. Also then you have the problem of trying to sue policeman that may have tried to catch said people.

I personally feel that you need to get a blog to post your views on.
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Re: Anti war demo Jan 3rd - My experience

Postby Mohsin on Thu Dec 23, 2010 12:38 am

Colossus I just saw your post

There is a lot of supporting evidence on police tactics (not just the uk by the way) that suggest they use and have used agent provocateurs to make an otherwise peaceful demonstration look bad in front of the cameras and thereby tarnish it and it's message.

here's just one example I found

G20 police 'used undercover men to incite crowds'

MP demands inquiry into Met tactics at demo ... ovacateurs

and I'm not surprised by this really ...

An agent provocateur may be a police officer or a secret agent of police who encourages suspects to carry out a crime under conditions where evidence can be obtained; or who suggests the commission of a crime to another, in hopes they will go along with the suggestion and be convicted of the crime.

A political organization or government may use agents provocateur against political opponents. The provocateurs try to incite the opponent to do counter-productive or ineffective acts to foster public disdain—or provide a pretext for aggression against the opponent

as for the 'intimidatory tactics,' well if it is justified I can understand it, but if people, including families are slowly ambling along in a generally orderly fashion and a group push from behind so that these people are pushed into the police and then the police start cracking heads with shields and batons .. and horses indiscriminately (I saw George Galloway injured myself at the front by a stray baton and a cameraman (news) with a large gash to his head blood flowing) after that ... well I feel that it was quite unnecessary and this is what I meant by it.

I guess I agree with you on the children point though, no place for kids.

woogie you weren't there. If you saw what I saw, it would have shook you up, like it did the rest of us. Seeing people trampled on because they were trying to get away from the police, people getting visibly hit hard by a number of officers in the ranks, and bleeding wounds ... I'm not ashamed to say that I was scared in that tunnel, which turned into anger ... as were the rest of the people in there. Lots of people were crying at the scene and what happened. If you think i'm all bs and talking hype, just track down any one who was there at the time and ask them if you dont believe me. :cry: :(

benjy, a small minority behind the front were up for a fight. they kept pushing the people in front and chucking sticks and placards and even hitting other protesters .. who they actually hurt more hitting the backs of their heads. they obviously didn't care, they looked like violent chav thugs, but the police didn't focus on dragging them out of the crowd and arresting them. With all the protection they had on, sticks and objects were bouncing off them and their shields, actually hitting the protesters in front of them. They lost their discipline, self control and cool and started hitting innocent people with shields and batons ... so this is where the police brutality comes in, the majority just wanted a peaceful protest ... it was out of their control when these nutters started causing trouble, rushing to the front.

Sorry for bringing up this old post again, but I felt I needed to respond to the last comment directed at me. :oops: :o :shock:

and now I am finally going to sleep because it is late and I am sleepy :P I'll probably regret replying to this post tomorrow because I know I will get trolled to death and flamed like I used to be lol but ... I'll do it anyway :cheers: :P don't be too cruel to me hehe night night <3

Oh and ...


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