UK’s Terrifying Anti-Piracy Plans Leak

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Re: UK’s Terrifying Anti-Piracy Plans Leak

Postby Mr Tortoise on Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:23 pm

my upload speed is zero

i have a firewall ....

the only up traffic is simply overhead with no data.

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Re: UK’s Terrifying Anti-Piracy Plans Leak

Postby gandy on Thu Dec 03, 2009 6:25 pm

Trev wrote:people will just retreat to private trackers and newsgroups. i'm already part of both, and can pretty much guarantee that BT hasn't a clue what i'm doing. haven't used a public tracker in a while now.

Like most people who think that tend to find they are not using encrypted connections to the server. If you don't encrypt then BT could know what you are doing and with ease. Now to break the encryption they would need a court order but the chances are they would not go that far as it would be easier to raid your home.

Packet snooping can be done with ease.
If people break the law and steal, don't they deserve to be caught ??

Most people here are students and can get all the good and great software for almost nothing or a fraction of the cost. Music can be heard for free and on demand and for a small fee you can download as much as you like and its legal. Now films is a tricky one.. the movie company's are still not doing enough to work towards a digital downloads that would be legal other than the films and music that have had there copyright expire.. More and more dvd's and blu ray now come with a digital copy on the disc but that still not enough imo to work towards the right solution to help stop people downloading movies.
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Re: UK’s Terrifying Anti-Piracy Plans Leak

Postby Templar+ on Thu Dec 03, 2009 8:17 pm

i watch all my movies online for free its the same with documentaries, im not breaking the law neither am i paying for it, win win situation
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Re: UK’s Terrifying Anti-Piracy Plans Leak

Postby Little_Devil on Thu Dec 10, 2009 1:07 pm

I am quite amazed at governments that do such things as this, do they not learn from past mistakes ?

This is aimed at distributors rather than the public in general. If the police or indeed a private company went after every offender who downloaded music/films/software, then the courts would soon get clogged up and grind to a halt. I would imagine judges would just throw this sort of thing out of the courts, given the fact that they are already over-worked.

As far as distribution is concerned, then it would just move off-shore, to somewhere that has no such laws, and there are plenty of places around the world that could host this. It has happened many times before and will happen again.
There is no point in creating laws to support organisations that already make billions by the extortionate prices they charge, it would be much better looking at fair charging policies of these companies.
ie In the states a film is charged at say $20, in the UK it would be £20, same goes with music and even software to some extent. A fairer charging policy for consumers is what is needed, not more anti-piracy laws.
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