Being chilvalrous as a men towards women

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Re: Being chilvalrous as a men towards women

Postby re# Skilgannon on Thu May 02, 2013 12:09 pm

what Skil found out was her Daddy loves her :D (which I knew anyway tbh lol)
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re# Skilgannon
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Re: Being chilvalrous as a men towards women

Postby Berath on Thu May 02, 2013 7:53 pm

Little_Devil wrote:What skil found was female to female evidence of courtesy, the thread is about chivalry of men towards women. I was merely pointing out that the inverse is not true, and that females tend to expect a male to be courteous without having to reciprocate or to acknowledge chivalry done to them.

From the aspect of a female being courteous towards both male and female, and an acknowledgement being returned.
so in short

7 out of 8 women were courteous
4 out of 12 men weren't

I could point out that I don't mind, and it won't stop me being courteous towards other people regardless of whether they acknowledge it or not, all it shows is how lame the other person is :P

In my mind too, your statement was a bit sweeping, in particular as this has not been my observation watching male-female interactions as I go about London. I notice men holding doors open for women, helping them downstairs with pushchairs and heavy luggage and the response has always been grateful and full of smiles. I don't recall seeing any woman responding ungraciously but maybe that is my memory being selective (though if I did see I would have sniffed or maybe even tutted).

However it could be, that in London no-one expects or feels that they have a right to that sort of assistance, or any to sort for that matter, so anything is gratefully received.

(I've also seen women hold doors open for men, help them downstairs with pushchairs etc, again to grateful and smiling responses)

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Re: Being chilvalrous as a men towards women

Postby Little_Devil on Thu May 02, 2013 9:56 pm

Nothing said was sweeping, Here is the part of the sentence you appear to have ignored in your rush to call something sweeping
again not all are like this

If we start going into demographics and situations then we of course see a varying of this, so not all are like this. Don't know which part of London you are from or frequent, but from personal experience in London, I find that chivalry of men towards women is taken in various ways, from a sneer to a nice smile or a gracious thank you, to completely being ignored. Some females even look surprised that someone will hold a door open for them, so clearly it is not a regular occurrence for them.

The majority of motorists in London are however the worst bunch of ignorant prats you will find in the whole of the country, so you cannot compare them with anything. Whereas northern UK people tend to be far more courteous than many southerners. I think as you get further away from any Capital city, you find attitudes change with many people.
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