Vote for who? No choice in a democracy

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Re: Vote for who? No choice in a democracy

Postby Little_Devil on Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:26 pm

Bad is an objective view, given that were I to have no worries about money of any sort and circulated within this body of people, I could still be acting with the best intentions, merely because I had lived a blinkered existence. Why would I see anything wrong in wanting to help people out in general, by creating jobs, albeit low paid, it is still a job, therefore I am being helpful.

Now start at the bottom of the scale, and look at it from the perspective of someone who cannot get a job with enough money to live on.

It is all about perspective about where you start from, however if you are armed with the knowledge that the poor must always be poor for the rich to have money and those with money have the power to stop usurpers to this life style, then you can move forward by choosing which path in life you wish to take.

Over the previous 50 or 60 years, the rich have had their way, be they in big business or in Government. However with not only the present information technology age, a small group of people can generate a lot of interest to stop the present system in its tracks, if there is proper momentum.
If you care to note, Governments are sparing no expense to curb this freedom of speech under the guise of terrorist laws.

If you want to be heard or do something, then you can always sign petitions that you agree with and curb silly laws.
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Re: Vote for who? No choice in a democracy

Postby Little_Devil on Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:11 am

If you want to read up, watch and apply the knowledge you get from this information, I think it is the best way forward.

The quiet revolution is already under way, help it to get louder so that people wake out of their daydreams and start applying knowledge gained.

I would suggest you look for Annie Machon videos. She is an ex CI5 employee that left as a whistle blower on the nefarious acts done in the name of democracy.
Most of Europe has ever increasing laws, many have been brought in without a murmur due to the constant mantra of 9/11 and anti terrorism, the brain washed and gullible going along with it.
RIPA(, regulation of investigative powers act is a system which was set up to allow the intelligence services to snoop on phone calls and email and yet there are over 800 public bodies which use this system to spy on you, including your local council. ... s_Act_2000

Just as and probably more importantly, an additional act, which encompasses the 2000 act just this year. ... s-act-2014

There is also another act which says we cannot demonstrate freely outside parliament, a law that was passed hidden to the public, whilst inside the lobbyists are hard at work

The civil contingency act ... s_Act_2004
In 2005 at the stroke of a pen, this was changed to allow any minister to enable this, basically it takes away what little rights you do have and put you under quarantine.
If you search on the internet for this, the information is sorely lacking and the only reference you will see is when you go to view the act yourself

Changes to legislation:
There are outstanding changes not yet made by the editorial team to Civil Contingencies Act 2004. Those changes will be listed when you open the content using the Table of Contents below. Any changes that have already been made by the team appear in the content and are referenced with annotations

You need to read through this act as it takes away your liberty, they can restrict your movement around the country, so they can stop political meetings to discuss such topics as this and the way they are being restrictive.

Drones: as of late we see a lot of hype in the media about drones being used and legislation was drafted, but it is one of those topics that can be generated as false flag. Make a hue and cry about drones, more people by them for fun, then when the security services use them, there is plausible denyability. It was one of the many general public drones. We were warned that the poloce and others would want to use these openly in the name of security, tied into a country wide network of cameras. Now they can do it without drawing attention to themselves.

Internment without trial, laws to allow people to be help for up to 28 days, even at the height of the IRA campaign, there was an outcry when it was increased to 7 from 3 days.

Back in 2010 there was growing evidence that the UK intelligence agents were implicit in torture of UK citizens and this year it has come to light that the CIA definitely were, with UK ministers and officials trying desperately to distance themselves.

If Oliver Cromwell had his time again and knew what was to come, you can bet he would have got rid of quite few more people.

The UK is a joke to the rest of the world, people pointing their fingers saying how do these people allow their Government to create a police state around them, they will be under the jackboot before long.

All very well, but many European countries are heading down the same route, with only 2 that have resisted this with any success, France has had the populace up in arms about constitutional changes which are not allowed in law, given their past history and the way Frances legislation has grown from a free state, although they are succumbing to the pressure by back door politics and corrupt politicians.
The safest country is not surprisingly Germany, with its history of the Nazis and the Stasi in east Germany after the war. Germany put in place constitutional laws which stopped anyone trying to put in any legislation which took away the rights of the German people in any way or invaded their privacy in such a manner. Germany has a can do attitude where even its justice system has evolved to such an extent as to actively stop any politician putting in to place any legislation that is contrary to the constitutional rights of its citizens.

Germany has learned its lessons the hard way, isn't it about time everyone else stood up for freedom in actuality, not just shout the common mantras of Terrorism 9/11 7/7. Then again people are indoctrinated by the mantra of money is king, so work, as long as you make the rich richer.
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Re: Vote for who? No choice in a democracy

Postby Ritual_Suicide on Thu Jan 01, 2015 4:43 pm

Sorry for the late reply, i was quite busy with the holidays :)

As for the matters at hand, and the posted links, they where quite interesting :)

To start with the torture, both abroad and domestic.
We can classify torture in 3 separate disciplines:

Mental(psychological )used daily for many purposes ranging from indoctrination to interrogation.

-playing loud music all day long
-prolonged sleep deprivation
-inducing psychoses (LSD etc..)
-isolation (for extensive periods)
-exposure to fears (great heights/guns/traumatic events)
-high power magnetic waves (actually produces many of the above and severe pain without injury)

Body (physical) / used to find out what one knows when he does not want to tell it.

-all normal means of " old school" torture
-binding one in a full stress position
-making them sleep on the floor, watering them constantly etc...

Social/financial torture (this is the least invasive, most used way) /used to silence a person, though can backfire.

-demonizing ones character/family
-depriving them from income for prolonged time (literally pressing employers into submission so they reject you etc...)
-removing all assets (house/clothes/identity etc)

Many of these forms are socially accepted.......
When one goes to prison (talking from my own experience) the police will hold you in isolation until you give a statement. (this is a socially accepted form of torture)
Though not invasive, prolonged isolation does have its negative effects on both mental and physical health.
Not to mention the social torture often used on whistle blowers.
If successful they will simply seize to exist in the social structure of a country.

So to be surprised at the use of torture, well it has been and will be an ongoing game.
For as long as we have a small group with more power that the majority, the game will be more frequent and less visible.

Torture has always been a weapon of choice when it comes to the interrogation of people, or when you want to force them into either compliance or submission.

Next to the mainstream idea that protesting will help in the long term....
Many laws and propositions will still be pressed through regardless of the public's opinion.
There are so many ways in all countries to do this, one can bypass an house (in England) , or in Holland (Eerste kamer).
Even though people will be outraged, the law will already be in place, and this will remain a spectators sport.

As i mentioned before the true power lies with the one that holds the most money.
So an hierarchy could be:

International monetary banks
Banks/investment groups
Mega companies (usually owned by the above)
Senior government officials
Multimillionaires (not fitting any of the above descriptions)

To protest will delay the plans, but inevitably they will proceed with similar plans or split them into a multitude of legislative measures.
If you truly wish to end it completely you would need to protest/act for a complete reorganization of both the social and financial structure of a country.

To further explain the reorganization, it should be possible to form a multitude of councils , all with uneven numbers of participants. All without major pay, elected by the people and existing of an accurate demographic representation. (though such an system would make decisions and acting upon them a slower process) (this is still a classic system of authoritarian rule, though less susceptible to corruption, if needed i can further explain)
The second form could be anarchistic in nature, though then we would all depend on the good will/judgement of local communities (which is possible but even harder to arrange larger projects all together)

As for finance, well you would need to remove the current system, and redesign a stable one..... (in all good honesty .... that is no field of mine.... )
Abolishing currency would be nice, thought this would be as complicated a system as the one above.... Mind you ,the current functional communism would be an exemplary teacher as what not to do :)

As for the German people, they are still members of Europe, and by the signed accord, EUROPEAN SECURITY LAWS PREVAIL OVER LOCAL LAWS.
:) Europol can arrest you there, you can be under constant European surveillance and many other things :)
So 1 small victory, yet did it win they're war ?? ? ?

The EU is similar in nature to the US , no surprises there i assume.
Countries becoming states, though with local laws, all is done to get them into a more submissive position.
I feel that within a few years, the system should be in place, encompassing large areas of Europe.
And England will come to the fold sooner or later.......
Shown by your famous referendum :ill:

And should you still wonder about the best intentions of the Bildenberg meetings....
Take into account, that in the best possible way, they either directly or indirectly caused most of the wars and atrocities in the middle eastern countries....
Since the DOLLAR became the only OIL currency, anyone not being compliant..... with these fine gentlemen .... .was visited by the US enforcers,..... eeuuuh i mean Military.
Naturally the lapdogs of the US where sent in to confirm the "Humanitarian" nature of the good will death squad....
(UK/NL/LT/LI/PL/DE... hey almost all of the EU :P )

Not to mention the last failed mission we here nothing about anymore.....
Russians have shown proof that the following parties where active in Ukraine before the war started :

-Mossad....(no surprise that they aid the US , since the US is the main supplier and protector if Israel)

After the start of the war, both camps indulged themselves into the horrific use of mercenaries (without official markings....)


-Serbian forces
-Ex KGB/Military


-Former Blackwater employees
-US security contractors
-Various unknown contractors not from the US.....

All these things originate because of ....... financial gain, or to prevent loss of it.
A country by default should not be concerned with finances abroad....?
However if corporate aspects should be controlling the Country...... then the game changes, and we waste lives... topple governments and instigate uprisings ...... wasting millions of lives for....... money...?

WW1-was fought for expansion and resources
WW2-was fought for resources, and ideology

Russian invasion of Georgia...... Matter of Principle.... and Honor....

American invasion of Iraq/instigating civil war in Lybia/instigating civil war in Syria?
American protection offered to all other compliant countries ?

If we would change the countries to shops .... and put all of em in an street .....
You would be telling me that there was a gangster controlling the neighborhood with protection money schemes....
But when its America, we call it "Bringing Democracy and peace" slaying millions in the process, and leaving then the resources have been secured, yet not stopping the civil wars..
They acted in Iraq with airstrikes, only after IS(IS) took the NORTHERN OILFIELD ............... need i say more?

List of very famous people helped by/put in place by US:

-Husni al-Za'im (trained by the CIA 1949 Syria)

-Iran 1953 Iranian coup d'état the CIA worked with the United Kingdom to overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran

-Guatemala 1954
Main article: 1954 Guatemalan coup d'état

The Guatemalan Revolution of 1944-54 had overthrown the US backed dictator Jorge Ubico and brought a democratically elected government to power. The government began an ambitious agrarian reform program attempting to grant land to millions of landless peasants. This program threatened the land holdings of the United Fruit Company, who lobbied for a coup by portraying these reforms as communist. The CIA engineered the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Jacobo Árbenz, and installed the military dictator Carlos Castillo Armas. A decades long civil war ensued in which some 200,000 people were killed, mostly by the US backed military.

On 25 November 1965, just five days after Guevara's departure, Joseph Mobutu seized power with the help of the political and military support of Western countries, including the U.S

-Saddam Hussein (trained and supplied by the US for many years Iraq)
-Osama bin Laden (trained and supplied by the US , to fight a rebel war against the Russian forces Afghanistan)

I can go on for ages, even the Russians seem like damn saints compared to the US.....
All for economic profit, since they are bound by the same force that empowers them.......

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Re: Vote for who? No choice in a democracy

Postby Little_Devil on Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:20 pm

As you say Torture can take many forms, however some methods would be classified as controlling rather than torture, whereas what is being talked about in the news recently, is the physical torture of US and UK citizens. Water-boarding is one of these methods and may be classed more as mental torture as no actual physical harm comes to the person unless it is carried too far.

When you look at things like this, there are many aspects you can clearly see are by design, whereas other aspects are generated by people genuinely believing they are doing good, are these controllers or sheep, hard to say really.

I do believe there are certain factions who are quite powerful, who work towards a common goal of control, which encompasses many facets not only of peoples lives, but controls companies and countries around the globe, if not directly, at least by the actions they take.

Yes the referendum, that illusive vote which is used by politicians who do not want a referendum, to obscure facts and dangle the proverbial worm.

All the other stuff is quite true and UK and US Governments collude with each other in many endeavours, even the nefarious types as well.

Black Flag Operations are common to many countries, notable that this does include Russia and China as well as UK/US.

In 2003 the US said they had killed bin laden, but with no proof. A question mark was purposefully placed over this, because with the excuse gone, there was no longer any need to carry on an offensive. Spin was needed and the focus had to be shifted, with the excuse for termination of a war needed at some future point in time.
A so called raid into a foreign country to kill Osama bin laden was just such an event, and of course the dumping of the body out at sea, with supposed supporting evidence of his death supplied by the US. lol what a joke. This raid was apparently undetected by a country which has state of the art surveillance having been in conflict with its neighbour (India) for many years and has a military which was UK trained, and the head of the internal security services not too distant to the compound.

Any country does not have to obey the EU laws, as it is based on mutual cooperation, and security laws cannot be imposed on any country by any other member state. German judiciary even threw out some legislation which was based on apparent security, and as one of the leaders of the EU, Germany cannot ratify any so called security laws without having it approved by the German courts, as that is written into their constitution. In other words the German judiciary have final say over any of its countries leaders when it comes to such laws, and the German Chancellor is not allowed to ratify any such laws on pain of being removed from office.

You have to remember all this has been going on for 100's of years and it is only more recently with the advent of the internet, that the global community is becoming more aware, thus the haste in which Governments are rapidly trying to throw laws into place to limit people freedoms. The internet itself is now a battleground, and Governments will use every dirty trick in the book to limit free speech.
Paedophiles and Terrorism is the mantra for imposing limitations and control. Soon you will be completely gagged, but you can put a stop to it with a little effort.
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