Vista tip #1 Xp style folder sharing on a home network

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Vista tip #1 Xp style folder sharing on a home network

Postby gandy on Sun Jul 08, 2007 1:57 pm

XP style network sharing

As most people have some form of home network i will start with sharing folders like what you did in xp, no passwords or extra user accounts for other people to access what you share in your private network.

1, Find the folder you want to share, For me this would be my music folder.
2, Click on the share button as highlighted in the image below
Click on images to make them bigger :)

That will bring up the file sharing popup
3, click the arrow for the drop down menu

4, Selct guest and then click add

when the guest account has been added it will look like this and you need to click on the share button at the bottom. I do suggest leaving the read write permissions to read only ( that way no one can delete your files )

You will get two more popups from vista, the first popup will the the standerd annoying popup that vista does when you change a setting and the other will contain a network link to the folder you just shared but just click ok to both of them.

At this stage we will assume that you still have password sharing on and we need to turn that off.

First you need to right click on the network icon on the task bar near the clock

If you dont have the network icon there then please press the windows key and select control panel from the start menu and double click on the network and sharing center icon in the control panel.

When the network and sharing center is open you need to click the arrow thats inline with password protected sharing, and then click on turn off password protected sharing then click on apply.

And thats how to share folders like you did in xp :)

Soon i will cover how to share through windows media player 11 to other vista based pc's in your home network ( it only works vista to vista not vista to xp )
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Postby TC on Thu Aug 07, 2008 9:56 pm

Thanks gandy. I remembered you posted this a while back and it got my file sharing setup tonight :D
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Re: Vista tip #1 Xp style folder sharing on a home network

Postby Eva H on Sat Oct 26, 2019 9:50 am

Well, I was not thinking that this entire essay have process would be that much easy. Nevertheless, this will be a good way to run home network and we can share every folder without any difficulty which is the most amazing part of this networking.

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