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Steam error

PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2005 7:56 pm
by revo
Today my computers decided to be gay and come up with this steam error:

Steam.exe (main exception): Unable to start Steam Engine: *SteamStartEngine(0x12e890) failed with error 200:connection reset, Winsock Error 10054 "connection reset by peer"

Anyone have any idea how to fix this? ive tried restarting my comp but nothign has changed it =[

PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2005 7:57 pm
by TC
Your steam is failing to successfully connect to the steam server. This is probably because the Steam server is overloaded with people updating and not allowing any more connections.

The solution is to wait as long as it takes, then restart steam and it should connect ok when the load is quieter.