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Postby TheBigLongy on Fri Apr 22, 2005 1:16 pm

Raidmax Cobra (black) case.
Tagan 480-0U1 psu
Msi Neo2 Platinum
AMD64 3200 skt 939
1gb Corsair TwinXMS DDR550 PC4400 (2x512mb)
Sapphire 9800 Pro 128mb
Seagate Barracuda 200gb 7200.7 NCQ SATA
Maxtor 80gb ata133
Audigy2 zs soundcard
M-Audiophile 24/96 soundcard
Logitech MX510 mouse
Logitech Multimedia Keyboard
Aluminium mouse mat
Creative 7.1surround sound
Sidewinder Gamevoice mic n headphones (soon to be replaced by medusa 5.1 headphones n mic)

All run via a tripple partition boot system setup...
Music Production
General abuse

On test overclock managed 2.6ghz with stock cooling at 45degree's stable.
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** TheBigLongy
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Postby BioHazard on Thu Apr 28, 2005 12:51 pm

BioHazard wrote:P4 3,0 ghz with HT
1024 mb ( 2 X 512 ) DDR400 Kingston
Asus P5P800
Asus Geforce FX5900 ge 128 mb
1 IDE 40 gig HD maxtor ( only for windows xp )
1 Sata 80 gig HD maxtor
Razer Diamondback chameleon mouse
Plantronics audio 90 headset
Q-ware backlight keyboard
Creative 2.1 speakers
17" tft screen
Sunbeam acryllic case with 3 red led fan's
( but i'm searching for another case )

I have now installed a new cpu cooling fan.
It's a Spire Diamondcool.
My cpu temp was first when i played cs:s average 65 degrees.
And now with this cooler 45-50 degrees

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