Landline free Internet - London + mobiles

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Landline free Internet - London + mobiles

Postby Little_Devil on Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:30 pm

Well this is somewhat amazing and at least 14 years late, but hey lets hope it does well.
A company I worked for had a system which allowed phone calls and internet to be made by wireless back in 2002. The biggest problem was raising the capital to do this on a large scale, Nokia had made commitments, but striking deals with other companies fell through. Apparently it would never work well for the consumer. Short sighted huh.

Everyone knows that with broadband comes a hefty price tag, with the so called land line rental. Prices on this are around £15 a month, despite who you are with, and despite that you are a cable customer or telephone line. Talk about price fixing.
Anyhow this company will be offering land line free broadband within London, which is great if you have no use for a land line, but will of course depend on the price.

I can see loads taking them up on it, as it is 4G, so who actually needs a landline with the price of mobile calls dropping and international roaming charges being scrapped with some companies offering call charges at the same rate as local calls when abroad. ... ce=1000564

This gets ever more crazier as Three are combining with O2, and EE have Orange and T-mobile, which leaves I think just Vodaphone. In reality just 3 main choices, since the supermarkets have deals going with any of these.

I think 3 is cheapest at the moment on strict price comparison 3p for phone calls to any mobile or landline, which is cheaper than most landlines anyhow, 2p per text, and 1p per meg of data. Most smart phones will net connect to hot spots, so if data is off and wifi is on you can even reduce costs further by using a VOIP package for calls.
Many phone companies do deals which I think are overpriced, however when you include the cost of the phone, they are reasonable enough. Problem is, that the whole mobile market is geared to everyone upgrading their phones, so good deals for people who already own phones are few, and far between.
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Re: Landline free Internet - London + mobiles

Postby Kaelan002 on Mon Jun 09, 2014 10:30 pm

Speaking from my (limited) experience lately with these kinds of things, speeds are great, latency is appalling.

Semi related - I was at a hackathon EE ran around 12 months ago to test their 4G "broadband replacement" routers, and... I wasn't impressed. Things were *ok* until you started to have more than two or three simultaneous users, but after that they became pretty unusable. I'd be interested to see if anyone has tried it since then?

With how cheap data has become, I can't really complain for mobile, but I'm not sold on it as a broadband replacement.
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