Internet knock out. NEEDS URGENT HELP!!

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Internet knock out. NEEDS URGENT HELP!!

Postby steviegerrard on Sun Jul 17, 2005 4:17 pm

i've been on holiday for two weeks and naturally the first thing i wanted to do when i got back was to play counter strike for like 100 hours! blow and behold when i get back, my internet isnt workin and i was wonderin what it could be and how i cud fix it. i use a BT voyager 2000 wireless which on the box shows that the DSL connection is workin, represented by a green light. on the monitor, the wireless connections and signal are workin fine but then the bafflin thing is, the internet icon (in the bottom right symbolised as two computers with flashing screens) appears for a second then poof!! gone!! The woman at bt said something about a stale session or something does anybody know as im dying!!!! alx
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