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HL2:EP1 & EP2 help

Postby Disturbed1 on Wed Dec 26, 2007 12:17 am

Ok having got the orange box i was enjoying it playing TF2,then i decided why not do HL2 gain then the episodes,so i did,HL2 went fine then it went to hell.heres what happened.

EP1 gets to the Valve logo then as soon as the loading bar appears to goto main menu i presume i get a CTD no warning no error.

EP2 same as above,im thinking iv bought a coaster for my coffee mug.

Heres what iv tried to get them goin.

uninstalls-reinstalls of both
Driver updates
All the launch options i could find
Verified game caches twice
Steam performance and game crash tests,both passed all

Tried again and still no joy with both,im lost as to what to do,any1 shed some light on this as Valve seems to give me the same support pages in emails as i send them to say iv looked at.

UPDATE : it seems to me theres a problem with either valve fixing the game with Ati drivers or something else as iv just tried 3 different and older ATi drivers,one is from when i got the card on a disc,the other is my last installed ones and then the latest ones.

Now what happened with this is the ones on the disc made EP2 work but not TF2,the others worked for TF2 but not EP1 or 2 and the latest drivers didnt work for any at all,what the hells up with this crap.
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