Possible temporary Fix for Choke & Loss...

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Possible temporary Fix for Choke & Loss...

Postby TheBigLongy on Fri Jan 21, 2005 9:02 pm

Edit by Chow: copied over for me by the nice my Bullets, so we can stickie it in here. Feel free to discuss these settings, we can try and help everyone find the best possible settings for themselves :)

*as posted in ...http://forums.uk-cstrike.net/viewtopic.php?p=33280#33280

Ok think i've found a good solution to this problem... has worked for myself and a few other's i've told.....


Rate 25000
cl_rate 25000
cl_updaterate 15
cl_cmdrate 50

If you find ur still gettin a little choke then adjust the updaterate only (drop it down to 14 then 13 n so on) but if you find at 15 ur gettin no choke then try raising it up2 16 to find out at which number the choke kicks in.... then drop it back 1 from where the choke kicks in.

These rates have worked well for myself and many others, this is a problem on most of the larger css servers and doesn't seem to affect the smaller servers.....goodluck n hope that solves it all.[url][/url]
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Postby ChowRiit on Sat Jan 22, 2005 11:10 am

Ok then Longy, what internet connection are you using?

I have a 2mbit down/256k up, would those rates work for me, or would I need to modify slighty?

I WILL have a fiddle with these settings though, see if I can improve it. :)
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Postby SpaZ [UK] on Sat Jan 22, 2005 11:14 am

update rate is too low mister
chow i suggest you use

updaterate = 50 -60
rate = 20000
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Postby Bullets on Sat Jan 22, 2005 12:10 pm

Hi longy i know you're good at this kind of thing. And you always seem will to help people out. Is there any chance you could find out what rates (all the ones in you list) people should use for their differnet internet/BB connections? Pwease.
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Postby Cpanther on Sat Jan 22, 2005 1:01 pm

I been searching the net a bit and I come across few things :

cl_updaterate 50
rate 9999 (around 3500 - 6500 if you using a modem )
cl_cmdrate 60
net_graph 3

Few websites seems to agree with that settings.. so I guess they have to be pretty close to be right...

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Postby the_tub on Sat Jan 22, 2005 2:53 pm

wtf chowriit? 2Mbit up and 256k down?

Sure you dont have it the other way round? :S

What kinda setting i need for my 1.5Mb Down ;)
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Postby Cpanther on Fri Jan 28, 2005 1:24 pm

I also find some thing interesting about windows XP in the steam website. is to do with the Wireless Zero Configuration in cable modems with can create chokes and lag spikes...

I tried to disabled and my connection seems to be allot more stable... this is how you do it:

Control Panel > administrative tools > services > wireless zero configuration ( disable )

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Postby gandy on Fri Jan 28, 2005 2:34 pm

havent had that prob on my lappy Cpanther but still intesting

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Postby Silent BoB on Tue Nov 28, 2006 12:28 am

some of them rates are very low , naughty me thinks bet some of theese peeps get a constant 5 ping ? ......
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Postby WaitNBleeD on Tue Nov 28, 2006 5:46 am

:shock: Another Uber-Bumped thread !!

ZOIKS !!!! :P
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Postby OHMYGODIMONFIRE on Tue Nov 28, 2006 2:05 pm

WaitNBleeD wrote::shock: Another Uber-Bumped thread !!

ZOIKS !!!! :P

yes and no as it is a sticky with seriously old info in it :x

as the servers have been upgraded rates of

rate 20000
cl_cmdrate 66
cl_updaterate 66

will work very well with minimal choke and no loss. the most important thing for getting rid of choke is to know the limits of your own pc. if you have the pr0est pc since sliced bread, those rates will be just fine. if, however, your pc struggles to load internet explorer then those rates would obviously have to be lowered.

for example, azazeal uses 16k 40 40 on ukcs if i remember right. its just about finding what works best for you.

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Postby Jack Bauer on Wed Feb 07, 2007 7:16 pm

Is it normal to get a choke of 20 when everyone at spawn is running in a direction? So when you have many players in screen moving? Im wondering what choke amount is considered acceptable and what is clearly wrong...

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Postby The_Pope on Wed Feb 07, 2007 7:39 pm

Choke = amount of packets that you receive that you're computer can't handle

So if you receive 40 packets and you have 20 choke then you're only seeing the players at half as many positions [ofc you don't actually see that due to interpolation] so your reg is going to be 'half as good' in theory
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Postby Little_Devil on Wed Feb 07, 2007 9:19 pm

Jack Bauer wrote:Is it normal to get a choke of 20 when everyone at spawn is running in a direction? So when you have many players in screen moving? Im wondering what choke amount is considered acceptable and what is clearly wrong...

Quite normal at spawn, depends on map.

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