Strange Microphone Problem in CSS

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Strange Microphone Problem in CSS

Postby johans90 on Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:52 am

The current problem i am having with my microphone is that when i try to use the mic in in-game chat using the speak button, it just crackles, my voice dosent even partly go through so others can hear it.
When i test the mic it is the same result, crackling noise but no response when i talk into it.
However if i was to restart CSS, not steam just the actual game, it works fine next time round no problems.
But the whole thing happens again if i was to close down the program for an extended amount of time (overnight perhaps).
This is the only program i have a problem in, teamspeak and msn voice work fine so i know it is not the mic thats broken, it musnt be the drivers as it does work second time round.
So the only thing that could be wrong is the program itself, but i do not how to fix it.
Any thought would be much appreciated.

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