What configs do you use for source games?

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What configs do you use for source games?

Postby z8jay on Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:23 pm

I'm mainly bothered about TF2 but I'm sure 99% of the commands apply to other source games

Currently using a config from here, http://fakkelbrigade.eu/chris/configs/ but it does make my game look a bit rubbish (DX8.1) and certain things like the alien hat have this weird yellow effect which looks totally out of place. Most of the high fps configs seem to make things like ubers look absolutely rubbish.

I've tried just using default settings (some stuff on high, some on low) but because I like to run it at native resolution, 1680x1050, it's hard to maintain a decent FPS. Especially when playing on a 32 player server with loads of stuff going on. It'll drop to somewhere around 20fps and it's almost unplayable.

So if there is such a thing, I'd like to make the game look pretty decent but maintain a reasonable level of playability.

My relevant system specs - i know the CPU is a bottleneck;

AMD 7750 Dual core
Sapphire ATI 5770 (512mb)
4gb ram

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Re: What configs do you use for source games?

Postby WAR on Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:07 pm

Just play with bad graphics, I can play with good graphics but choose not to because it actually helps make people a better player, you don't have loads of crap on the screen to worry about.

Just use chris's high fps, set dxlevel to 9

then change the r_pixelfog, mat_bumpmap to the opposite if there's loads of fog or shiny player models.

Also i believe you can enable gibs and facial features, do that if ur that bothered.
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Re: What configs do you use for source games?

Postby Redeemer on Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:27 pm

I know you like playing with native res but just bump the res down by 1 notch (to whatever it is, 1280 by something, can't remember) it might just make all the difference, when my last gfx card went I had to turn down alot of settings but it meant I could play with better graphics.

Just a thought.
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