Unable to forward ports on Zyxel router

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Unable to forward ports on Zyxel router

Postby Fooshi on Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:48 pm

My setup (SHDSL > through bridged P-793H v2 to P-2612HNU-F3) somehow won't forward.

Things I've tried:
- Disabling firewall on both router and PC.
- SUCCESSFULLY followed these steps multiple times. (Different router, but the same procedure)
- Updating firmware on the P-2612. Port 8001 was open for approx. a minute after I tested the port on the new firmware. After that, same thing happened. No idea why. ("Port xxxx is closed")
- Reset router.
- Emailed Zyxel support and my ISP. Both parts haven't responded. (This was around 2 weeks ago)
- Violated my screen's feelings a lot.


My ISP said port 8000 is reserved.
I have a bridge setup because my household needs wireless. (Cheapest way to do it. Purchasing an SHDSL router with wireless functions would be too expensive for my peasant economy.)
As for the bridged modem (if it at all has any impact on why this doesn't work), I do not want to reset it. It came with a sticker on it telling me not to reset it because it was in bridged mode. I don't want to f- up.

It successfully opens sometimes if I disable UPnP, enable it and do the same with the port forwarding rule. However, when I shut down the program that utilizes said port (in my case, Icecast), it closes itself. If I'm lucky, the chance of the router actually opening the port is probably 1 to 100. :|

Does anyone know why?
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