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Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:11 pm
by Silkie
I'm on an animation binge ATM.

The Lego Movie. Amazon Prime. A very re watchable family film which I'm on the second viewing of and it's good natured humour mixed with some neat ideas shows what you can do with a licence when you try.

Justice League the Flashpoint Paradox. Amazon Prime. An alternate world take on the DC superheroes as the Flash works to restore a doomed timeline where Bruce Wayne died as a boy, Superman never landed in Smalleville and Hal Jordan didn't become the Green Lantern. Quite bloody for Western animation as the world gets torn apart by a war between Atlantis and the Amazons with Thomas Wayne as a more brutal batman seeking revenge for his sons murder. Fairly good stuff for comic fans.

Brother Bear. Amazon Prime. A Disney tale of a young hunter cursed to take the form of a bear and take charge of an orphaned cub. Pretty good with solid voice acting although the musical score grated a bit for me.

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:55 pm
by Bobbobthebob
2 docs and a mock:

A documentary about fracking that's awfully presented and overplays the "look there's methane in my water supply" aspect. There's too much shaky cam, the presenter mumbles monotonously and it's mostly anecdote to anecdote as he meets disgruntled people living near fracking sites; taking all claims from them at surface level. There's actually some important issues here: dumping of toxic chemicals, ground-hugging gas leaks killing wildlife and making people sick, secret chemical cocktails, no proper government oversight and a legal system put in place to protect the fracking industry no matter its impact; but that stuff gets barely any time versus the combustible kitchen sinks.

My Nazi Legacy
Philippe Sands, a human rights lawyer working on a book on the holocaust meets the son, Niklas, of a high ranking Nazi who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) in Poland and was sentenced to death at Nuremberg. Niklas has come to terms with his father's actions and legacy, denouncing him at every opportunity he gets. But Niklas also introduces Philippe to an acquaintance from his childhood - Horst - whose father was similarly responsible in an area of the Ukraine but managed to evade capture until dying a few years after the war. Horst struggles to reconcile his view of the loving father he knew at home versus the murderous Nazi the rest of the world saw him as. Thrown into the mix is Sands' own Jewish identity and family history in this region of the Ukraine. It all leads to some car crash cinema as Horst's cognitive dissonance becomes more and more extreme in the face of incontrovertible evidence of his father's crimes. Less about the war and more about the hideous impact Nazism continues to have on people's lives today - particularly with the rise of far-right movements in Poland and the Ukraine.

Big Man Japan
About the exploits of a man capable of growing to a stupendous size who is used by the government to fight the bizarre Kaijus that keep threatening Japan. The status of his role has diminished to the point that he lives a lonely, shambolic existence in a run-down bungalow with stray cats, unable to repeat the glory days that his grandfather enjoyed (who as a senile old man at one point manages to get back to giant size and starts playing games with the local architecture :lol: ). Slightly sad and slow but an effective send up of the kaiju film genre.

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:58 am
by Silkie
Bother Bear 2. Amazon Prime. One of those sequels you'd hope Disney will stop doing with a very straight to DVD feel about it despite nice voice acting it's all rather mediocre.

Frozen. Amazon Prime. I decided to give this another chance and I still don't see what the fuss was about as it still seems to fall apart after an early strong start and contains little that's memorable. It's sad that the much stronger The Princess and the Frog got less attention than this and I'm puzzled as to what people see in it.

Red Cliff. Film 4. A John Woo Chinese historical epic that details a major battle fought at the end of the Han Dynasty and although it strays into Lord of the Rings territory at times is still very interesting. The individual fights might as well be with magic or light sabres but the bigger battles are spectacular with some insight into ancient tactics and are genuinely exciting to watch.

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 8:34 am
by Silkie
Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD. Film 4. The behind the scenes story of the galaxies number one zine featuring most the talent behind it minus one grumpy old wizard but bollocks to him as Pat Mills was it's daddy anyway. Great stuff for the fans of the comic that beat the odds and a nineties slump of truly terrible cancerous content as it heads towards it's 30th year.

Red. Fantastic soundtrack and top notch comic book action scenes that are well worth having the surround speakers on for. I'm getting the pig.

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 3:51 pm
by Flow'Tastix
Its been a long time since ive watched these movies but i prefer animations sometimes, fun to watch with girlfriend...

Big Hero 6 xD , Inside Out, The Croads(not sure if spelled correct, but i laughed hilarious with that movie!)
Home! (like the funny way they talk)
For the voices of good movies: i like Brave!! and Hotel transalvania with Adam Sandler.
Why not Kunfu Panda 1.2.3. Jack Black :)

Im not really into the new movie from Divergent : Allegiant just want to throw that in...
My favorite movie for a long time was : I am legend. (will smith just perfect for that kind of movie) not so for After earth(but not bad to watch once)
Avatar movies i liked aswell good story. Sorry for the Star Wars Fans but i really dont like those movies even i grew up in that time when the movies were top of the charts...
Pixels, Ant Man,... Alot of great movies but everyone has its own opinion on what gerne's, I like adventure movies alot, Fantasy's, Science fiction(but needs to be good ones then,not syfy)
Anyways alot of good movies to say, if i get deeper in thinking of them ^^

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:09 pm
by Bobbobthebob
If you liked I Am Legend, have you checked out the alternate ending? I think it makes the film a heck of a lot better but apparently it wasn't popular with the American test audiences. You can see it here:

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 8:03 pm
by Bobbobthebob
99 Homes
Andrew Garfield (the most recent Spiderman) plays a young construction worker who loses his home through the economic downturn. Desperate to get it back, with his out-of-work mother and son relying upon him, he ends up falling into working for the very same man who had him evicted - a scary and ruthless character played by crazy-eyed Michael Shannon. It makes a great companion piece to The Big Short by giving a ground-level view of the collapse of the housing market and job losses all round.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - The Sword of Destiny
It's got a lot of heart but it's not a patch on the original film being a series of clichés built around the Sword of Destiny mcguffin.

Seven Psychopaths
From the same writer/director as In Bruges and starring Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson. I think I expected too much of it but it's really a dark, fun, funny and very self aware film. It's just sometimes it seems like it thinks it's smarter than it is and it gets so self-referential that it loses a lot of opportunity for much emotional impact.

Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe
I like Herzog's films and ideas, but his personal narration is so unremittingly dour that I find it hard to listen to. He's the archetype of over-serious German film makers; so even when he does something as impishly silly as literally boiling, cooking, spicing and eating his own shoes as part of a bet, it's all done to the drone of him saying things like 'We, we lack adequate images, our civilization doesn't have adequate images. And I think our civilization is doomed, is gonna die out like dinosaurs if it does not develop an adequate language or adequate images.'.

All very true Mr. Herzog but you're busy making a silly spectacle of a man doing a Chaplin sketch made real while complaining about the frivolity of television.

Indie mystery thriller starring Vincent Gallo as some sort of weird cult leader. In a seemingly post-apocalyptic future Gallo runs a hidden compound inhabited solely by women and their children. The children are looked after and taught communally with Gallo presiding over them in an almost god-like manner. It becomes apparent early on that he's brain-washing them and training them to be killers in the world beyond. The reasons for this partisan war are never clear and isn't really important; it's all about the functioning of this bizarre community and what happens to outsiders and rule breakers. Pretty disjointed but worth a watch.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:26 pm
by Flow'Tastix
Bobbobthebob wrote:If you liked I Am Legend, have you checked out the alternate ending? I think it makes the film a heck of a lot better but apparently it wasn't popular with the American test audiences. You can see it here:

yes ive seen it, and i find it better aswell to, but i like them both, just the alternate version got a better story to it i think so :) thanks mate!

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 10:18 am
by Silkie
The Book Thief. Amazon Prime. Based on the book of the same name it's the story of a girl sent away to live with foster parents during the time of the Nazi regime in Germany and her attempts to deal with the new life she enters. It's an interesting idea and well acted but lacks a fair bit of substance.

Genius Party Beyond. Netflix. I haven't seen the first film that this is sort of a sequel to bad as it's an anthology of short Anime it hardly matters when it comes to watching it. There isn't much in the way of discernable story in any of them short pieces but the visuals and soundtrack make up for that. It's more along the lines of Fantasia than Otomo Katsuhiro's Memories with the final sequence being a fun ride but way too long especially for me as I found the Toujin Kit sequence by Tatsuyuki Tanaka more interesting.

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:10 am
by Silkie
Genius Party. Netflix. Hey it was on Netflix but a bit hidden. The first anthology of anime shorts is a very mixed bag with a Tim Burton style zombie comedy at one end and a very wordy but ultimately dull piece mixing thoughts about religion and technology. For me the real star is a very odd but fascinating film about the adventures of a baby in a strange fantasy land full of ideas and humour.

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:30 pm
by Silkie
Looper. Netflix. A very flawed time travel movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis as the same man in a future where mobsters use hired killers in the past to dispose of people in a manner akin to an animal slaughterman. Very silly and full of plot holes it survives mainly on Joseph Gordon-Levitt doing a very convincing job of being the younger man who is sent his older self to execute. Anyone who has seen Mysterious Skin should know that this is a waste of a great young actor.

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 3:59 pm
by Bobbobthebob
Barry Lyndon (1975)
It's so damn pretty! The story is even perhaps a bit light for a 3 hour film but how can you be bored with painterly scenes like these?

Zelig (1983)
Woody Allen plays a freakishly chameleon-like man in a mockumentary biopic. It's got a tonne of humour and is surprisingly sweet in places despite the absurd premise. It's the full Woody Allen experience - comedy, Jewish identity, psychoanalysis, anxiety etc.

Zelig passing himself off as a psychiatrist wrote:I worked with Freud in Vienna. We broke over the concept of penis envy. Freud felt that it should be limited to women.

Virunga (2014)
A documentary about the struggle of park rangers to protect Virunga, DRC, the last refuge of wild mountain gorillas turns into an even darker tale of corruption and civil war as a British oil company seeks to exploit the land and rebel groups accelerate into action in an effort to get a slice of the pie. Tough, depressing stuff.

Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 (2015)
From the hilarious idiots at 5 Second films comes this parody/homage to '80s slasher flicks. It's stupid, sometimes a little too self aware but damn if I didn't laugh at the frat boys chanting "No consequences in America!" :lol:

The Rock (1996)
I think I missed the bus on this one. If I'd seen this for the first time when I was 14 or so I'd be watching it through the rose-tinted nostalgia glasses. Instead it's a mildly enjoyable action flick: Cage is as ridiculous as ever and every single Michael Bay-ism - from military tech porn to the rising, spinning hero sequence to the spirally fireworks flying out sideways when a car crashes into something are all here. It was kinda nice to see at least some surface criticism of the OTT patriotism which is now pretty much absent in Bay's films.

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 11:07 am
by Silkie
World War Z. Netflix. A second watch and despite some great scenes it still remains frustrating with the usual dumb people versus zombie moments.

The Dish. Netflix. An offbeat Australian comedy based on the true events surrounding the Australian Parkes Observatories role in broadcasting the Apollo 11 moon landing. Despite a bit of dramatic licence its fun and captures the mood of the time perfectly as despite being very young at the time I just about remember all the huge excitement that gripped everyone. Bless my parents for making sure I watched it on our black and white TV. :D

Malificent. Netflix. I watched and thoroughly enjoyed this during it's cinema run and wanted to see it again. It's a great film that for some odd reason seems to enrage some people but I love the idea that motherly love is the kiss that awakens Sleeping Beauty rather than some random prince. It sees the story from the view of the original stories villain and explains her bitterness that drives her to take revenge on the former lover who betrayed her then mutilated her.

The Expendables 3. Netflix. A dumb but fun action flick that introduces some new faces who even after I looked them up I'd never heard of but the show was stolen by the chatterbox mercenary played by Anthonio Banderas. Sly gets a a team member put in a coma after running into his old team leader (Mel Gibson) who he thought he's killed long ago and them boom, punch, bang, bang, bang.

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 11:34 am
by Synaphix
Absolutely Anything - Quite a good movie, love Simon Pegg and Kate Beckinsale is just yum!

Ant-Man - I am not into the whole super hero thing, the movies bore the hell out of me (I do read the comics and such though) but this is worth a watch and one I enjoyed more than most the superhero crap out lately.

Batman V Superman - Just so so sooooo bad.

Deadpool - I liked the movie but hate Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, (sorry for saying it) Americans cannot do humor right in their voice and a fairly predictable movie.

Fifty Shades of Black - Quite a funny movie and worth a watch for some humor although some bits were OTT.

Lazer Team - I love Rooster Teeth (RWBY) and the Halo comedy and this was quite an enjoyable movie.

Love the Coopers - Its worth a watch once but nothing fancy.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - As usual, Disney ruins everything.

The Night Before - Its worth a watch once but nothing memorable and quite poor performances imo.

Vacation - Nothing special and does not beat the classic movies of this.

The Hateful Eight - I love Tarantino but there was too much build up in this super long movie for the ending (which I did like) and its worth a watch once. The build up does cover a lot but it seems drawn out for the most part.

Creed - Basically what you see in every other boxing movie with a slight twist of being in his Fathers shadow and overcoming it. A good movie but if you have seen all the Rocky movies and similar boxing ones you may see yourself thinking it all seems too familiar.

Minions - I watched this with my nephew and actually enjoyed it. I think the last childrens movie I saw was the first Hotel Transylvania which I loved. This has a lot of humor for adults in it too (knowing children watch these 50 billion times its understandable parents will know it inside out so the adult humor is thrown in).

Spy - I actually quite liked this movie, a lot of funny scenes and definitely worth a watch.

Bridge of Spies - DEFINITELY worth a watch. Tom Hanks gives a great performance and people who enjoy this type of movie will definitely enjoy this as there is a lot to it.

Psycho-Pass Movie - I loved the movie and I am looking forward to when they bring the new season. If you watched the first two series you will love this anime.

Above is what I watched the past few days whilst in bed being unwell still, although Minions was about a week ago. I also watched a ton of anime (always have anime on if doing something on the TV/other monitors unless a movie is on).

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:32 pm
by Bobbobthebob
Jake Gyllenhal perfectly acts out a psychopath who finds a new purpose as a TV news cameraman focusing on the bloody carnage of car accidents, shootings and disasters across LA. Ghoulishly chasing or even preceding ambulances and police cars, his peculiar lack of empathy makes him perfect for a news media environment obsessed with fear-mongering and sensationalism.

The Hornets' Nest
Another one of those embedded reporter documentaries to come out of Afghanistan in recent years. Unfortunately this film can't even hold a candle to the likes of Restrepo, Armadillo or even VICE news' "This is What Winning Looks Like".

Filmed by a father and son team (the Boettchers) who insert themselves into the film so desperately we barely get much of a look at the soldiers they're with. This wouldn't necessarily be bad but everything is done in a way that rings false. The first half of the film is about the strained relationship between father and son but is shown by a curious mix of fake interview talking head narration and stupid teases (repeatedly) where the cameraman has dropped the camera for a moment and we're meant to wonder if he's been hurt. When they come under fire, rather than just letting the confused images speak for themselves we have slow-mos thrown in, extra fake gunfire noises, a soundtrack that is stuck in bombastic mode; and more talking head moments to narrate, rather than show, proceedings.

Halfway through the film changes tack and covers a bloody engagement called Strong Eagle III in which several US marines died. After a fair bit of OTT patriotic talking head chat, we hear via panicked radio messages of soldiers dying in the bottom of the valley below, even apologising as they bleed out, either immediately after (or even sometimes before!) learning a bit about who they are. Events proceed with little explanation of context and then ends with an understandably sad funeral in which Boettcher can't help but shove in his voice-over all over again. However, when General Petraeus is pinning two bronze stars on a guy for the same action, Boettcher is curiously quiet and doesn't even bother to explain what happened to merit such an unusual award. Finally we get a long list of dead soldiers sliding over the screen with no context really given - just macabre ending credits for what is basically a self-aggrandisement project wrapped in forced patriotism and military worship. Eugh.

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:30 am
by Bobbobthebob
The Retrieval
A very stripped down American Civil War drama. A pair of black slaves - boy and uncle - are running with a bounty-hunting gang tracking down runaways in confederate America. One of the two slaves is a young boy whose apparent innocence is used to infiltrate the underground railroad and alert them to the runaways they hunt down. They're then sent, on pain of death, across the frontlines to retrieve a black man with a bounty on his head. Mainly a coming-of-age tale in a very fraught world to be growing up in. Beautifully atmospheric.

Big Trouble in Little China
Another modern classic that I just couldn't get into. I really wanted to like it - the Kurt Russell & John Carpenter combo were ace in The Thing. But I couldn't easily get past the massive clichés lying around, the unlikeable protagonist and the casual racism (especially Lo-Pan, jeeez).

Where the Wild Things Are (short horror film collection at the local cinema)
Shaky cam, everything shot in such extreme close up you can't tell what's going on and then deliberately off-focus in the few wider-angled shots. Features monsters reminiscent of the Japanese horror craze of the early 2000s - people in raggedy costumes cricking their neck to the side and doing ridiculously bent over motions to try to appear inhuman. Nothing scary about it at all and rather boring.

Very short film about a guy chasing visions of his mysteriously disappeared daughter through the woods. Clichéd.

The Bridge Partner
A sharply written little comic thriller featuring a psychopathic bridge player.

The Black Bear
The best of the bunch. A group of Belgian's are on holiday in Quebec taking a hike through the woods and trying to convene with nature when they meet a lovely black bear (represented by a guy in a giant fluffy bear suit with a huge spherical head). Frickin' hilarious from start to finish :D

Bad Throttle
Descended almost into torture porn before trying to turn the whole thing into a big joke at the end which I don't think really hit the mark.

Barton Fink
A Coen brothers classic. John Goodman is a star; just watch his reactions to Barton throughout this film :lol:

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:10 am
by Silkie
Paprika. Bluray. A very high quality anime film directed by Satoshi Kon, based on Yasutaka Tsutsui's 1993 novel of the same name about a research team using a new method of therapy that allows them to enter patients dreams. Full of astounding visuals that can some times be very disturbing and complimented by a truly brilliant musical score this is a film that stands up to repeated watching and the BR disk has a generous amount of features and an enhanced Japanese soundtrack well worth switching on the surround speakers to enjoy.

Hobo With a Shotgun. Netflix. Rutger Hauer rolls into a town that seems to be at least fifty feet across the border into purgatory as a craggy old vagrant dreaming of enough money to buy a lawnmower to help him earn an honest living. The towns vile crime boss has the law in his pocket and dishes out sadistic punishments to anyone who crosses him or his equally vicious sons unchallenged until one of them crosses the hobo who stops him attacking a prostitute. Driven over the edge he takes the money he's saved for the mower and buys a shotgun to clean up the town instead in blood splattered grindhouse style. Not War and Peace but plenty of low budget fun and a pretty selection of music as well.

The History Boys. BBC4. I started watching this and ran into a major problem that means either finding another version or catching it again with a transcript of a scene 15 minutes in that's in French with no subtitles for an English only speaker like me. An odd thing to do really but not unusual levels of arrogance from the BBC which I'm assured stands for British Broadcasting Corporation instead of Boy Buggering Club despite the actions of various of it's presenters over the decades.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Netflix. A short film based on a short book that explores the idea of breaking free from convention and following your own path using the story of a seagull who dreams of flying higher and faster than any gull has ever done before. Visually still stunning but not a great job on the sound as the speech is very quiet and the music loud but a good film if you keep an open mind and a finger on the volume control.

In Order of Disappearance. Netflix. A superb Norwegian dark comedy starring Stellan Skarsgård (you'll recognise the face if not the name) as a normally law abiding snow plough driver seeking revenge for the murder of his only son. Brilliant, quirky with lots of action and jet black humour this is a real treat from start to finish.

Re: So which film have you seen last ?

PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2016 8:09 pm
by Silkie
Out of the Dark. (1995) Netflix. A scrappy but often entertaining Stephen Chow comedy about an insane exorcist with a lot of bizarre references especially to the film Leon.

Pandorum. (Netflix) Atmospheric but deeply flawed science fiction film about a deep space colonisation vessel that has a touch of Event Horizon about it.

Johnny Be Good. Netflix. A real stinker of a movie that isn't as funny or charming as it thinks it is but remains a fun chance to see the early career of Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Michael Hall and Uma Thurman. Bobby may not have been too sober while shooting this and it shows.

There Will Be Blood. Netflix. I finally found a chance to watch this story of a driven and obsessive oil baron with a fascinating performance by Daniel Day-Lewis that netted him the best actor award. The film is both grim and beautiful at the same time and it's cinematography award was well deserved.

Chef. Netflix. This story of a chef returning to his roots and gaining both his cooking 'mojo' while reconnecting with his son and ex wife is a real little gem of a film that many feel tells two stories at once. The writer/director/star Jon Favreau started off in independent film before going on to main stream films where it's felt he lost his spark but got it back with this cool flick. Warning the food may may you drool.

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PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2016 6:50 pm
by Silkie
Stonehearst Asylum. Netflix. A gothic mystery based on an Edgar Allen Poe story set in an isolated country asylum where a new doctor arrives and begins to suspect something very wrong is happening there. Atmospheric and with some good parts it's watchable without very being memorable.

Captain America: Civil ͏Wa͏r. 3D Imax. Very much in the style of Winter Soldier this is action packed and full of stuff to love with of course two reasons to stay until the very end as usual. I loved it and thought it was better than the last Avengers movie with the introduction of some new characters any marvel fan should know and a few choice laughs as well.

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PostPosted: Tue May 03, 2016 7:50 pm
by Binerexis
Two reasons to stay until the end? Shit, I knew I should have stuck around for longer...