!!!! Put Videos in Universal Video Thread Sticky !!!!!

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!!!! Put Videos in Universal Video Thread Sticky !!!!!

Postby CraKinShOt on Sat Mar 15, 2008 8:14 am

Seriously... please use the Universal Video Thread (linked below) if you have single video. If you have something special like a collection of episodes of something then fine (like the zero punctuaction stuff), by all means make a new thread for it.

In addition, even if it is something special, the directive from TC is to lock/remove threads if it only links to something and has no discussion about it. i.e. you need to actually say why you like it / what is interested you... for example: "Wow, that duck feeding the fish was amazing!"

So to remind you: COMEDY CLUB VIDEOS IN THE UNIVERSAL VIDEO THREAD!!! else your thread will be removed. Thank you. :)

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