My slightly slow "friend"

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My slightly slow "friend"

Postby I Blame my Mother on Tue May 08, 2012 11:22 pm

A log of a conversation with an acquaintance of mine when he wanted to show me his creation on minecraft... without going to the trouble of setting up a server.

12:07 AM - claymore: hey man, wanna see my massive awesome castle on minecraft
12:08 AM - I Blame My Mother |UKCS|: since A) everyone has built a massive awesome castle and B) that would involve me going over to your place at 1207am
12:08 AM - I Blame My Mother |UKCS|: nah
12:08 AM - claymore: i was gonna give you the log ons quickly
12:08 AM - I Blame My Mother |UKCS|: hm?
12:09 AM - claymore: [he gives his username and password here]. please dont alter it. well you can nab a tower on the corners and decorate the inside. also the insides messy, need to build it
12:09 AM - I Blame My Mother |UKCS|: log on to what?
12:09 AM - claymore: minecraft
12:09 AM - I Blame My Mother |UKCS|: I...
12:10 AM - claymore: please dont mess it, it took aggggges
12:12 AM - claymore: called castle of light
12:12 AM - claymore: creative world
12:14 AM - I Blame My Mother |UKCS|: uhm
12:14 AM - I Blame My Mother |UKCS|: peter
12:15 AM - I Blame My Mother |UKCS|: minecraft doesn't work that way
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