Full Show (YouTube): Louis C.K. - One Night Stand

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Full Show (YouTube): Louis C.K. - One Night Stand

Postby Seven. on Fri Dec 21, 2012 2:36 pm

Just wanted to share this in it's own topic.
Warning: NSFW, Mature Language and Very funny

Now that's out of the way, enjoy!

My favourite bit in text:

"I'm married, very happily married, I love my wife, I love her to bits. My wife... well... she hates me. Like that's what she does. If you asked her what she did today it was 'I ****ing hate that guy'. The latest thing she got mad at me for was the other day.

She came to me and said:
'You know what you did?! You filled the dishwasher, you put in the soap, but you didn't turn it on!'... and I'm like 'Aw ****, damnit, what are we going to do now?!'. But here's the part she blows my mind, it's amazing when she gets to this level, she said 'well WHY didn't you turn it on?!?'... like I have a reason for not turning it on!!? and I'm like 'can't I just be stupid?!!!!! can't it be just that I'm a ****ing idiot?? that I filled the dishwasher and then when dauhhhhh and walked away??? I can live with that, I am cool with that'. But no, she asked WHY as if I actually DECIDED to do that. Do you know how much more of an ******* that makes me?! That means I filled the dishwasher and went 'you know what? **** her. I ain't turning it on! she can suck my dick if I'm going to turn that **** on, not in my own house'.....why... WHY would I do that?!?!"

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