[PC - Indie - Greenlight] Survivor Squad

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[PC - Indie - Greenlight] Survivor Squad

Postby Shuriken on Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:30 pm

Survivor Squad is basically L4D2, top down, with you controlling all 4 characters with all game modes rolled into one. With additional game modes.

Imagine the Commando's series, but with the L4D franchise. (not QUITE as tactical, but who needs much in the way of tactics when you're either sneaking around killing Z's with an axe or blowing beasty chunks out of their faces?)

It's fun, easy to pick up and, best of all imo, it's not easy.

It's looking to get greenlit on steam at the moment, though you can buy it on Desura if you're so inclined.

Not sure how long the campaign is but I'm 3 weeks in in-game with this squad, I'm just hoping I make it to 4 lol
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