[PC/XBOX/PS3] DEADPOOL! - The perverted hero!

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[PC/XBOX/PS3] DEADPOOL! - The perverted hero!

Postby XenocideWiki on Sun Dec 29, 2013 11:18 am

Okay so i picked up deadpool on the sale (actually my friend did it for me :>)
And i really enjoy this game, its fun, and im dying of laugh, these texts are hilarious xD
And also Deadpool is really perverted..............................................
The only thing he thinks bout is boobs (who does not think bout boobs)
Also does anyone else have it? and if so, did u enjoy it :>

I also recommend to buy this game while its on sale for 12 euro!
Really good game, fun, funny etc. and ofc perverted :>

(deadpool ftw)

Because... BACON! <3
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