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[MULTI] Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor

PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2014 9:07 am
by Flare
Shadows of Mordor is a 3rd person perspective open world action title set in Tolkiens Middle Earth fantasy environment, specifically the titular Mordor area.
The game features a fairly simple stealth mechanic, a well animated dynamic combat system, a fair set of abilities and tricks at the players disposal and a rather unique mini game where the player meddles with Saurons army from within.

I was initially sceptic about the game, ironically more so because of all the positive reviews by the big name review sources, but soon found the game to be worthy of all that praise.
It simply is a solid title, and I have experienced very few bugs playing the title, and decent performance which only suffered when I tried using the HD texture pack (Ultra Texture setting) which demands 4 gigs of Video RAM (I only have 3 on my card).

The game does however come with a few flaws and issues that may be detrimental to a players enjoyment of the game.
The initial issue is with how some buttons have multiple actions actions bound to them, like the Slow Time + Draw Bow action is shared with the Counter button, which can easily lead to a confusing slow time when the player tries to anticipate a need to counter (instead of waiting for the prompt). There are a few keys linked this way which can cause frustration when the game picks the wrong action in the heat of the action.

The game features a system where captains of the Uruks will 'introduce' themselves before battling the player, this pauses the action and drags the camera to the captain each time, which can be annoying if the player is trying to flee a lost battle as it disorientates the player and interrupts the action the player was doing prior to the captains appearance.

The dynamic battle system is similar to the Arkham type games, where the players character will smoothly move from one foe to another in a series of spectacular combat moves and finishers, however at times it feels more like a long quick time event with lots of prompts as the system only has 1 attack button, a Counter button and a few special buttons.
The player will mostly be pressing the attack button at the correct time, countering when the need arises and selecting when / if to use finishers and special moves.
It can at times feel like the player isn't really that involved, while at the same time can make the player feel rather powerful.

The setting doesn't lend itself to much variety and colour, its rather drab ruins and makeshift towns of Orcs, and lots of Orcs.
The Orcs have a decent variety of models and look decent, especially with the nice touch of showing burns and scars on captains you faced before, but you will soon start seeing the same Orc time and time again.

The enemy AI is a bit weak when searching for the player, its too easy to 'lose' them and they give up too easily, and the combat AI is a bit simple too with only a few of the enemy engaging at one time while the rest wait for their turn.

Overall the game is good, fun to play and has only a few flaws that may put the player off, it can get repetitive and have many frustrating moments but it does have lots of epic moments to offset that and if you enjoy the idea of beating up on lots and lots of Orcs in a fairly wide variety of methods, ranging from stealth kills and arrows to the head to riding fantastical beasts, or engaging them man to Orc with your blades and finishing them off in a gory manner... this game has you covered.

Re: [MULTI] Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor

PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2014 10:07 am
by EvolvedMonkey
I got it a couple of days after release. I got the Premium Steam CD Key off CJS Keys for £29.99 (£50+ on Steam!)

I've had a couple of hours on it so far and found it really enjoyable. You do feel super powerful with just one attack button. I can see it becoming repetitive like you mentioned. Im looking to forward to putting in a few hours on it this weekend.

Re: [MULTI] Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor

PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2014 4:45 pm
by S.O.Sniper
I got this yesterday and I'm loving it. The Nemesis system for the Orcs is really cool, and the Orc Captains really start to feel unique. My first real battle with a Captain was awesome because other Captains started joining in on the fight and before I knew it I was squaring off against 4 Captains and a bunch of Orcs, it was intense. I manage to defeat 3 of the Captains and the other one ran away, but one of the Captains came back and had a metal plate across his face (I think he's pretty high rank now).

Another Orc I thought I killed off, but he came back with gnarly scars across his face - I thought I killed him again and he came back yet again with a hooded mask barely covering his dis-figured face.

I've barely touched the main quest stuff; I'm just having fun killing Orcs. I'm starting to get pretty good at it - managed a 180+ combo against a large horde.

If you like the combat in the Batman Arkham games you'll love this.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 10:14 am
by EvolvedMonkey
Wow 180+ that's brilliant. I haven't done much of the main quest either. Did a side mission last night that included a well known character from Hobbit & LOTR, but only done one mission of the main quest.

I have killed the same captain about 3 times and he keeps getting more and more disfigured on his face when he comes back.

Im pretty pleased with my purchase. Its the first Tolkien world based game I have played, even though I am a big fan of the books.

Re: [MULTI] Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor

PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:12 am
by S.O.Sniper
I've finally completed this and it was a blast. It definitely gets repetitive, and once you master melee combat the game becomes very easy, but I'd still highly recommend it. It's certainly the best LotR game I've ever seen, and a must play if you're a fan of the franchise.

I even managed to complete 99% it - just a couple annoying Hunter Challenges left which I might have to look at an FAQ for.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 5:36 pm
by Cap'n Neuro
I still motion to have the name changed to Batman: Orcham City.

Re: [MULTI] Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor

PostPosted: Sat Oct 18, 2014 5:35 pm
by Flare
Steam says I done 29 hours, and I still havent finished it, hell I barely done half the main stuff.
I have too much fun playing around with the Uruks...

Tossed a few off cliffs, watching them fall all the way down.
Surprised a pair warming up at a camp fire and I tossed them both through the fire.
Branded a pack of Archers around a pack of Uruks and started off a huge fight, including a rude Carador which wandered in... then I sat and watched the fun.
Branded a few captains, one was an especially annoying sod as he jumped into at least 4 fights of mine in a row... he was seriously out to get me, so I branded him and interrogated him and then killed him...again.
Watched a Uruk running from a Caracal, so I pin his leg :twisted:
Shoulder barged an Uruk off a ledge as he was bullying a prisoner... wheeee.

I love hearing them talk about your character, especially when they mention some of your kills on, like " he popped out a nowhere, took 'is 'ead right off " or asking "oo the 'ell taught 'im sorcery".
I get too distracted to do many missions during a session :lol: