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[PC - MORPG - Triad Wars]

Postby Shuriken on Sun Apr 05, 2015 1:16 pm

Not a typo in the title, this is a casual multiplayer rpg.


Set in Hong Kong, immediately recognisable if you've played Sleeping Dogs, Triad Wars looks to offer you the position of Dragon Head of the Triad if you're willing to earn it. The gameplay is practically identical to Sleeping Dogs, interaction with other players is limited to you raiding their turf and them raiding yours. As of yet there is no direct interaction between players. Coop mode will be implemented but I'm not sure what direction it will end up taking.

I'll be honest, this game isn't particularly complex and takes a while for your rivals to invest their points in their gang to make raiding them a challenge. This may change at much higher levels but I've been playing for a week and failed 2 raids in total. The crime ring part of the game is very much like a casual mobile/browser game, timers keep you checking back, anything that's not locked in your warehouse can be stolen when people raid you so there's an incentive to keep logging on. The premium currency is gold, which you can get by trading in favours (of which you can get multiple daily), this is largely used for cosmetics but can be used to buy vehicles but not weapons. A decent model for f2p I think, even if a bit grindy.

That all said, it's early beta and things seem to be in development still. While it may not be the hardest thing in the world it's still pretty fun and is a decent kung-fu fighting, motorbike riding time sink.

Anyone else in on this?
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